Maryland ISIS Supporter Pleads Guilty, His Terrifying Plot Against The US Finally Revealed

A Maryland man, captured years ago for plotting with ISIS, is finally facing his sentence. Now, we are learning his bone-chilling agenda against the United States, and it has prosecutors demanding a stricter punishment.

Mohamed Elshinawy was arrested for providing support to ISIS. It turns out he was doing much more. (Photo Credit: FBI/TAUSEEF MUSTAFA/AFP/Getty Images)

Right now, the United States is enjoying victory over ISIS. Thanks to President Trump and the new leadership at the Pentagon, the terrorist network has been driven out of Iraq and Syria. But, they still pose a threat to the world. ISIS bases across Africa and Asia continue to plot against the West. And, then, there are the agents who slipped into Europe, thanks to their migrant policies.

Yet, even in the United States, we continue to find new threats. Individuals, be they immigrants or native-born, turn against the country. They make contact with terrorist networks overseas. Pledging allegiance to these killers, they provide resources to aid them.

Mohamed Elshinawy was one of these people. The Maryland-based man was captured by the FBI for supporting ISIS and making false statements. He is finally facing his sentencing. But, law enforcement has discovered his plans were much worse than they originally thought. His goal was to develop a bomb to take many lives. He was even investigating government buildings as targets.

A Maryland man who pleaded guilty last year to conspiring to provide material support to the ISIS terror network was planning to carry out bloodshed in the U.S., prosecutors revealed Monday…

Prosecutors said Elshinawy was in contact with ISIS leaders who gave him a choice between two plots. One option, according to CBS Baltimore, was assassinating “a Texas businessman.” The other option was detonating a bomb that would “kill a lot of people.”

Elshinawy apparently chose the second option, as prosecutors said he received videos from ISIS that included instructions on how to build a peroxide bomb. Prosecutors also said that Elshinawy was researching federal buildings in Baltimore as possible targets. [Source: Fox News]

Allegedly, the man received over $8,000 from the terror network. That is more than enough funds to carry out his nightmarish plot.

In the past, numerous people have been charged with providing aid to terrorist networks. Often that means providing resources or information. That is enough for federal prosecutors to put these traitors away for a long time. But, Elshinawy went way further than that. He was working closely with these terrorists, acquiring the funds to creating a devastating weapon.

Because of these new revelations, prosecutors are rightfully seeking greater punishment.

On Monday, federal prosecutors focused on seven statements made by Elshinawy that prove he was working with ISIS and had bigger plans in the works.

Federal prosecutors argued that Elshinawy was in fact a terrorist who had plans to carry out attacks here in the U.S…

There are now seven statements they’re focused on as they try to get a terrorist enhancement added to the charges. [Source: CBS Baltimore]

It’s one thing to make contact with a terrorist network. It’s something entirely different when you work with them on a bombing plot. It’s clear that Elshinawy intended to wreak havoc on the city of Baltimore. Had he not been caught, many lives could have been lost. This was more than just communicating with the enemy. For all intents and purposes, Elshinawy is the enemy.

This man faces up to 20 years in prison for his crimes. The judge presiding over the case will rule on Friday.

Should this man receive a more lenient sentence, it’s uncertain what the outcome might be. Would five years in prison be enough? Ten? Two? This man clearly wanted to go to war with America. Should he even be allowed to stay here? Most likely, he will return to his terrorist ways when released. A stricter system must be put in place, to ensure terrorist never strike again.

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