Massachusetts Town Refuses to Support Local Police

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A small town in Massachusetts had a long history of neglecting their police force. The cops suffered disgraceful conditions, but they were still required to put their lives at risk. After a long period of this treatment, they were left with no choice.

Police in Blanford, MA did not receive adequate equipment, including functioning cars. (Photo Credit: Blandford Police Department)

It’s a sad indictment of our society when police are treated badly. They are the one group that stands between our communities and total chaos. The brave men and women who serve on our police forces put their lives on the line every day. They go to work each morning, not sure if they’ll come home again at night. And they do this proudly so that we can be safe.

When they are not facing danger, police have to endure unpleasant and sometimes miserable conditions. Police deal with the very worst of our society. They bust crooks, respond to spousal abuse, and enforce laws that people would like to just ignore. Rarely do they get to interact with a happy, pleasant citizen.

On top of that, police are slandered in the media. Liberals have portrayed cops as enemy number one in our society. They’ve taken the actions of a few bad seeds and blamed all police for them. Moments, when cops mistreat or abuse a citizen, are plastered across TV and the Internet. Videos of bad cops go viral. It has created an attitude that all cops are bad. Many people hate and mistrust the police, going as far as calling for their deaths.

That kind of hate towards police is spreading. In one Massachusetts town, the police have been grossly neglected. Although a small force of only four officers, these officers could not get adequate resources to do their job. Their equipment was out-of-date. They didn’t even have cars or radios when they went on patrol. These police officers weren’t even sure, if things got dangerous, that they’d have backup.

The community refused to spend any money on their police force. So, they had no choice but to quit.

Each member of a small Massachusetts police department quit the force on Monday, reportedly blaming “unsafe working conditions,” among other causes.

All four officers in the Blanford Police Department, including Interim Police Chief Roberta Sarnacki, signed a statement, obtained by Massachusetts-based newspaper The Republican, about the resignation.

Noting that the job of a police officer “is inherently dangerous,” the officers wrote that the role “has been made much (more) so by our town’s administration.”

Among the complaints listed in the letter were ill-fitting bulletproof vests with overdue expiration dates, malfunctioning police radios and occasionally having to drive their own vehicles in order to respond to situations due to the inadequacy of patrol cars.

“To summarize, the town is asking officers to patrol in cars that have no a/c (air conditioning), no snow tires, and no four-wheel drive…They are asking us to do this with no radio coverage, no real backup if needed, and all for $14 or $15 an hour. Would you put your lives on the line in these conditions?” the statement said. [Source: Fox News]

Pretty disgraceful, if you ask me. Sure, it’s a small town with limited funds. But you’re telling me they couldn’t provide the police with proper bulletproof vests? Their cars didn’t function properly, nor did they have radios with which to say in communication. These are all basic necessities, even for a small force. How could this town be so neglectful?

If it was a matter of limit funds, they could have appealed to the county or state. We have taxes for a reason, you know. And while most of us would prefer the government cut back on spending, the one area they should never neglect is our law enforcement agencies.

According to reports, the police officers petitioned the town for help. They offered solutions that would improve conditions and ensure the town would stay safe. The Board of Selectmen ignored them. It seems like government bureaucracy and red tape was more important than taking care of just four officers of the law.

Now this town is without proper protection. Massachusetts State Police will be taking up the slack as the town figures out what to do next. But that might mean delayed responses if an emergency arises. All because too many people in our country hate the police.