Massive Shark Washes Up On Massachusetts Beach, Locals Disturbed To Learn What Killed It

This week, a massive Thresher shark washed up on a Massachusetts beach in Cape Cod, giving locals quite the shock. However, they were even more alarmed to learn what killed the beast.

A Thresher shark washed ashore on a Cape Cod beach this week (left), Officials with the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy (AWSC) collect tissue samples from the dead shark (right) (Photo Credit: Atlantic White Shark Conservancy/Facebook)

As liberals continue to propagate the myth that global warming is real, more and more evidence surfaces on a seemingly daily basis that the opposite is true. The latest proof that the climate change narrative is a total crock comes out of Massachusetts, where sharks are literally keeling over because they’re so cold.

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James Mullin was walking along Cape Cod Bay on Wednesday morning when he spotted a creature washed up on the beach.

Mullin was between Ellis Landing and Linnell Landing, and as he got closer, he saw that the carcass was a shark. “I found it quite exciting,” Mullin wrote in an email to the Times.

He took photos of the large animal and sent them to the Center of Coastal Studies in Provincetown. Researchers there determined that the creature was a thresher shark.

The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy said it visited that thresher shark Wednesday and another, similar one that had washed up dead on the Cape. They were working with the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Fisheries Service. [Source: Cape Cod Times]

“Working with Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries and NOAA Fisheries Service, the AWSC team was called out to two thresher shark strandings along the Cape today,” read a statement from the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy. “Both of these male sharks were nearly the same size and likely stranded due to cold shock. Morphometric data, organs, and tissue samples were collected to be examined (once they thaw).”

Once they thaw?! These sharks literally washed ashore frozen solid, and the left is still hemming and hawing about global warming!

Officials from the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy (AWSC) collect tissue samples from a dead shark which washed ashore in Cape Cod. (Photo Credit: Atlantic White Shark Conservancy/Facebook)

If the environmentalists were really so worried about Mother Earth and all of her creatures, wouldn’t they want it to be warmer? After all, this cold spell is killing off innocent sharks!

The truth is, global warming is a total hoax, and the trillions of dollars taxpayers were being forced to spend to combat it were a total waste. President Donald Trump noted as much in a tweet this week, writing, “In the East, it could be the COLDEST New Year’s Eve on record. Perhaps we could use a little bit of that good old Global Warming that our Country, but not other countries, was going to pay TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS to protect against. Bundle up!”

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Thank God, this president isn’t a total dumbass like the last one, who actually believed that man-made climate change was a greater threat to civilization than ISIS.

Coincidentally, President Donald Trump was able to defeat ISIS during his first year in office, something which Barack Obama failed to accomplish during his eight years in the White House. Perhaps that’s because Trump wasn’t pussy-footing around with ridiculous notions like global warming being the “real” threat, even as American journalists were beheaded on camera by Islamic jihadists. Just a thought.

Democrats squealed over the Republican-sponsored tax reform which Trump signed last Friday, saying that slashing taxes for middle-class Americans would only add to the national deficit. Well, now we’ll have a few extra trillion dollars to put towards it.

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