Mattis Boards Military Plane, People Immediately Notice 1 Item He’s Holding

Defense Secretary James Mattis boards a flight to South Korea.

Although he now controls the most powerful military in the world, Defense Secretary James Mattis has a unique leadership style which sets him apart from the Washington, D.C., establishment. This has been evidenced in photos which have just surfaced that show what Mattis was carrying with him as he embarked on his first official trip overseas.

The former General showcased himself as a true leader when he was spotted boarding an 18-and-a-half hour flight to South Korea this week. As photos emerged, something worthy of pointing out was quickly noticed. Once the image was posted to Twitter, it began to take off, and it’s easy to see why it’s garnering attention and praise.

Defense Secretary James Mattis was holding something hard to believe for someone in his high-ranking position — his own bags.

To anyone who knows James Mattis personally, his behavior wasn’t unusual at all.

Mattis greets the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General James Dunford, holding his own bag.

I suppose you don’t earn the nickname “Mad Dog” by having some poor, lowly schmuck lug your personal items around for you!

Even in Afghanistan, Mattis carried his own bags. He is pictured here outside the Kandahar Airport in 2002.

This is not the first time Mattis has showcased what it means to be a true leader. Reports surfaced earlier this week that he was at an elite dinner in Washington when he received word that a Navy SEAL had died during a military raid in Yemen. Rather than finishing his meal and spending the rest of the evening pandering to high-profile socialites, Mattis abruptly left the event, showing his deep commitment to the men and women of the armed forces.

Military Times described the new Defense Secretary as “the most revered Marine general in at least a generation,” and it isn’t hard to see why. He has also earned praise from top political leaders, like Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

“General Mattis has a clear understanding of the many challenges facing the Department of Defense, the U.S. military, and our national security,” said the Vietnam War veteran. “America will be fortunate to have General Mattis in its service once again.”

American patriots cheered when President Donald Trump nominated James Mattis, and he is proving to be every bit the formidable and honorable military leader we’d hoped he would be!

[H/T: The Political Insider]

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