Maxine: Ben Carson Lacks ‘Intelligence’ To Be HUD Secretary, Gets Reality Check

Maxine Waters is back, and she wasted no time creating a huge storm when she weighed in on Ben Carson, the current HUD Secretary who is also a world-famous pediatric neuro-surgeon. “This guy just doesn’t have the intelligence to do the job,” Waters told MSNBC’s Joy Reid. Well, it doesn’t take a neuro-surgeon to figure out what’s wrong with Maxine Waters’ remarks, and that’s why she got a huge reality check that’s going viral. Don’t miss this.

Ben Carson, Rep. Maxine Waters (Photo Credit: Youtube/Screenshots)

We all can thank Maxine Waters for giving us something to laugh about this week. On Sunday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) said former neurosurgeon Ben Carson did not have the “intelligence” for his current position as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

It all started after Carson had said Waters “lacks basic manners” in response to a letter Waters wrote to President Donald Trump demanding answers on reports that the administration was considering moving homeless people off the streets in California.

“Shamelessness,” Carson wrote, “is a career politician of 30 years laying blame. Shamelessness is allowing more than 55,000 Americans to live on the very streets they represent,” he said about her Congressional district in Los Angeles, California.

“Basic manners elude you and it seems that instead of producing results, you’re more interested in producing cheap headlines at the President’s expense — like a true career politician,” added Carson.

“My mother always taught me that people shouldn’t throw rocks, especially while they live in a glass house,” Carson concluded. “Because of that wise lesson, I was a little surprised to read your hostile letter to President Trump regarding the record number of homeless Americans in California, particularly in your district.”

That’s when Waters went on the attack claiming Carson lacks the intelligence to be HUD Secretary. 

“I sent him a letter, and he sent me a letter claiming that I had no manner, etc.,” Waters told MSNBC’s Reid. “I basically said to my staff, I really don’t have time to be bonded by somebody who does not know the difference between REO and OEO. This guy just doesn’t have the background, the capability, the intelligence to do the job. He does not know what he’s doing. He doesn’t care about this issue.”

Americans took to social media to let Whacky Waters know our dear Lord bestowed the motherlode of intelligence on Ben Carson— but then skipped over poor Maxine.

@RepMaxineWaters once said 700 BILLION ppl would lose healthcare if Obamacare was repealed. Now she says former *neurosurgeon* Ben Carson doesn’t have the intelligence to be HUD Secretary. Her IQ is so low, I could count it on one hand,” tweeted Harlan Z. Hill.

“Maxine Waters said Ben Carson ‘lacks the intelligence’ to be HUD Secretary. Maxine, it ain’t brain surgery! That’s what Carson did, at a world-class level, before being HUD Secretary. Imagine if Maxine Waters performed brain surgery on someone!” tweeted Former Gov. Mike Huckabee.

“Maxine Waters: Ben Carson Lacks the ‘Intelligence’ to Be HUD Secretary… Aunt Esther makes an ass of herself in talking about Neurosurgeon Ben Carson in such an abhorrent manner. When the Democrats lose the house, she can be garbage secretary of congress,” tweeted “KBrandt.”

“Umm, you don’t want to be dissin’ the guy who could LITERALLY declare you have no brain in your head, Maxine. SMH,” tweeted Rob Morgenroth.

@RepMaxineWaters if you were to compare your intelligence to that if Ben Carson using measuring cups his would be a 6 cup and yours would be a drop of water in a 1/8 cup,” tweeted Tamy Graham.

@Maxine he’s a groundbreaking neurosurgeon. U R a political hack robbing taxpayers of millions, kicking your constituents to the curb while U live high on the hog. #VoteThemAllOut Democrat Congress R traitors, thieves, anti-Constitutional, anti-American!” tweeted “Qwkslvrat.”

“Funniest thing I’ve heard all week… Idiot Maxine Waters says Dr. Ben Carson ‘doesn’t have the INTELLIGENCE to do the job!’ HAHAHAHA Hillarious, Maxine!!! You’re about as sharp as a bowling ball and he’s a friggin NEUROSURGEON?!” tweeted Cheryl Wagner.

Maxine Waters has never been known as the brightest bulb in Washington, D.C., and we really do need to thank her for making us laugh, even though we bet she wouldn’t take the compliment too kindly.

However, in all seriousness, Ben Carson’s letter to Mad Maxine really ticked her off. “Shamelessness is allowing more than 55,000 Americans to live on the very streets they represent,” Carson wrote, to which Whacky Waters responded by saying Carson “doesn’t care about the issue.”

Maxine Waters refuses to live in her rat-infested, drug-infested district. She cares nothing about the huge problems the homeless population in California is causing because if she did she wouldn’t have helped create it—she’s been in office for over 30 years.

California, which has been governed by a Democrat majority for years and years can’t keep the lights on as the population flees to other states. “As California goes, so goes the nation,” is a statement we better remember come November 2020.

“From the rise of the counterculture and the Ronald Reagan-led conservative backlash in the 1960s, to the tax rebellion of Howard Jarvis and the 1970s holistic environmentalism of Edmund G. (Jerry) Brown Jr., the waves sweeping over American politics have often been launched from these shores,” Los Angeles Times reported in 1989.

We better take heed. The Democrats running for president have made it crystal clear they are pumped up to go all-in with California and bring socialism to the entire country. As scary as that sounds, just imagine having no place to flee except out of the United States. We all said the 2016 election was the most important in our lifetime—well that was then.

This is now, and we can all say without any doubt the 2020 election is the most important election ever since this Republic was founded. Those like Maxine Waters may be ridiculous to us, just as ridiculous as losing our American way of life. The Democrats’ socialist plan to transform America makes Barack Obama’s presidency look like child’s play. The battle lines are drawn, so make sure your voice is heard before it’s too late.

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