Maxine’s Impeachment Talk Fizzles & Says Public Must Demand It, Now Regrets It

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Maxine Waters has been fuming ever since Nancy Pelosi told reporters the Democrats were putting their impeachment plans on hold. Waters made it her mission to scream about impeaching President Donald Trump for the last two years. She promised it would happen. Well, the 80-year-old Democrat freaked out on live TV telling Americans they must demand impeachment, and that’s when the Trump-hating Congresswoman was made to regret it. You’ll love this.

Maxine Waters and President Donald Trump (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot, Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Maxine Waters has become obsessed with the thought the Democrats would impeach President Trump. In fact, it became her constant mantra, over and over again, Waters was caught screaming, “Impeach 45, Impeach 45!” That’s why when Democratic leadership decided that they would no longer call for Trump’s impeachment, Waters freaked out.

Wacky Waters took to Twitter to get her message out, saying, “Unfortunately, many Members of Congress whisper the President should be impeached but have not supported my call for impeachment. Only a few of us dare to continue to urge both Dems and Repubs to impeach this dangerous president. I will keep trying. The public needs to demand!”

But that’s not all. Mad Maxine also made an appearance on MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” where she could have as much time as she wanted to rant about how Trump needs to be impeached. Maxine tried to list the reasons, she thinks, rise to the level of impeachment, and it was a real disaster.

Waters claimed Trump is not acting in the best interest of the country and should be impeached. She went on to argue that Americans should trust Congress, not Special Counsel Robert Mueller, to determine whether the president has violated any laws because she believes the president “may be compromised in the way that he’s dealing with other countries.”

Waving her hands and appearing very vexed, Waters continued by saying, “The American people should be depending on the people that they elected to represent them to determine whether or not this president is undermining the Constitution, whether or not he’s acting in our best interests, and whether or not he’s putting us in danger because he may be compromised in the way that he’s dealing with other countries.”

“I believe in the Constitution, and the Constitution gives us the authority and the responsibility to decide whether or not a president is acting in the best interests of this country. This president is not. As far as I’m concerned, he has enough violations, he’s been involved in a lot of activity that we believe needs to be made apparent,” Waters said.

“And so, I believe that we have everything that it needs to basically impeach him. I believe that. And you’re absolutely right, we’re depending on Mr. Mueller,” she added.

Well, Trump supporters were quick to make ole Maxine regret her ridiculous remarks. “Girl get over yourself!! @realDonaldTrump OUR @POTUS is about to be reelected, so how dangerous can he be  #Pssst #btw if you are hearing whispers or voices, you need to be #impeached, that’s dangerous,” tweeted Twitter user “Vince” to Mad Maxine.

“Maybe the FBI and CIA should investigate yourself for inciting violence against a duly elected President. But hey, at least he has accomplished a ton more than anything we have seen from Democratic leaders such as yourself,” posted John Ross III.

“Nobody’s ‘whispering’ that,” tweeted Stacy L. Stiles to Maxine. “You (& a handful of other radical democrats) are the only ones advocating impeachment for a President who has done NOTHING wrong. However, you might want to see someone over those ‘whispers’. I wouldn’t want anyone to think you’re unfit for office.”

Look, Maxine Waters hasn’t a leg to stand on. She claims Trump is “compromised in the way that he’s dealing with other countries.” Really? Trump got us out of the that horrendous Iran deal, he got us out of the ridiculous Paris Climate Accord, he stopped Little Rocket Man from firing missiles, he’s extinguished ISIS from the Middle East, and he’s making sure NATO pays its fair share so the American taxpayers aren’t burdened by covering those costs.

Mad Maxine claims Trump is undermining the Constitution. How? Maybe because he just ensured college campuses are now “free speech” zones and the rabid leftists can no longer attack conservatives who speak out? Oh, well that would be defending our First Amendment rights. Maybe because he’s not for gun control? Oh, well there again he is protecting our Second Amendment rights.

We could go on and on. Maxine Waters isn’t nicknamed “Low IQ” Maxine for nothing. She’s probably miffed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has taken away her limelight as the dumbest Democrat around. Thank God Maxine Waters and her fellow Democrats have moved to the farthest left imaginable, it will ensure we get four more years with President Trump.

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