After Dems Lose, Maxine Gives Supporters Instructions To Take Down Trump: “Do Something. Make Something Happen.”

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Tuesday’s midterm elections did not go as planned for the Democrats, who waited and waited for a blue wave that never came. Now, a defeated Maxine Waters is inciting outrage and is instructing her supporters to take down President Donald Trump. This woman doesn’t just have a screw loose — she’s dangerous.

Rep. Maxine Waters (left) President Donald Trump enters a waiting SUV after exiting Marine One (right) (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/TMZ/YouTube, Pool/Getty Images News/Getty Images)

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) gave a wide-ranging interview to CNBC on Wednesday and urged even more protests against President Donald Trump and anyone who supports him. Despite her incitement of outrage, Waters pegged Trump as the “dangerous” one.

“I think he’s dangerous,” Waters said. “I don’t know why people take it. I think Americans should be out in the streets screaming to the top of their voice. Do something. Make something happen.”

She also suggested that Trump’s criticism of her is rooted in racism, saying, “A lot of people call it racism. A lot of people call it… tactics that he has employed that he’s gotten from… the Kremlin, and… Putin, and the way that they handle things.”

“I don’t care what he says,” Waters added. “He can do whatever he wants to. I know what I’m going to think about him. I think that this man does not deserve to be the president of the United States. He is one of the most deplorable people I’ve ever encountered in my life.”

“He can call me whatever he wants to. He does not intimidate me, and I’m not gonna stop talking about him,” she warned.

Liberal Rep. Maxine Waters Wednesday urged Americans to take to the streets and scream for an end to President Trump’s term, endorsed impeachment and vowed that the White House won’t intimidate her.

Talking on CNBC, she said, “I think he’s dangerous,” and added, “I don’t know why people take it. I think Americans should be out in the streets screaming to the top of their voice. Do something. Make something happen.”

The California Democrat was interviewed by host John Harwood during a CNBC event and poked at Trump, who regularly pokes at her, and she suggested that racism was involved. She also claimed that the president was employing tactics against his critics suggested by Russian President Vladimir Putin. [Source: Washington Examiner]

Of course, this is not the first time that Waters has called on her supporters to push back on the president and his supporters. “If you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd, and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere,” she said earlier this year.

Remember this the next time a liberal tries to peg Republicans as the party of violent and divisive rhetoric. Remember this the next time a lawmaker is shot or sent a suspicious package.

Tuesday’s election was a major win for President Donald Trump and his supporters. With the GOP firmly in control of the Senate, Democrats have no choice but to work with their Republican counterparts if they want to get anything done. And they’re going to have to get something done if they want to keep their seats in the next election. It is truly a nightmare scenario for those on the political left.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for Maxine Waters to work with the president, though. She has already made it abundantly clear that she wants to destroy him, not to help him make progress for the American people. She wants Americans “out in the streets screaming” for Trump’s head. This woman is completely unhinged.

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