Maxine Screams, ‘Trump’s Guilty, I Just Proved It!’: Patriots Make Her Regret It

Maxine Waters is completely unhinged, claiming President Donald Trump should be immediately impeached. The California Congresswoman started ranting late yesterday that she has now proven the president’s guilty of “high crimes and misdemeanors,” laying out her ridiculous case based on her own nutty theories about Trump’s former attorney Micheal Cohen’s plea deal. Well, American patriots destroyed Waters and her ludicrous theories so badly, she must be crying like a baby. You’ll love this.

Maxine Waters (left), Trump supporters protesting Maxine Waters (right) (Photo Credit: Screenshots)

As rabid leftists celebrate the Michael Cohen plea deal, they refuse to look at the cold, hard facts. One of those people who take it up a notch to utter insanity is who else but Mad Maxine. To hell with the American people who elected President Donald Trump, this fringe group of leftist liars and thieves will stop at nothing to impeach him.

Whacky Waters pounced on the Micheal Cohen plea deal and is now using it to back up her continuous rants to “Impeach 45!” Maxine was fired up and went on a tweetstorm, posting, “The high crimes are giving aid and classified information to our enemies (Russia), abusing the pardon, breaking campaign finance laws, working w/ Russians to get ‘dirt’ on political opponents, and coming soon from Special Counsel Mueller, obstruction of justice.”

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Of course, this is all in Maxine’s head. Nothing in that tweet is the reality. Facts point to the Hillary Clinton campaign paying for the bogus Russian dossier — that’s a real case of getting dirt on your political opponent. Hillary Clinton’s campaign hired Fusion GPS, which worked directly with James Comey’s FBI cabal, along with now fired or demoted DOJ attorneys, who concocted the entire bogus witch hunt against Trump.

But, that doesn’t matter to Maxine, who continued, “Cohen admitted Trump instructed him to break the law. If it’s a crime for Cohen, it’s a crime for Trump. Debates about whether you can indict a president do not excuse Congress from its responsibility to impeach Trump for ‘treason, bribery, or other high crimes & misdemeanors.'”

Cohen pleaded to a bogus charge. Trump paying off anyone with his personal funds is not breaking “campaign finance laws.” Candidates and high-profile people do it all the time. Judicial Watch Director of Investigations Chris Farrell says the legal standard set by Michael Cohen’s lawyer, Lanny Davis, is a false narrative.

Lanny Davis is a the spinmaster for the Clintons, and he can’t name the so-called crime his client has committed, that’s because there is no crime,” Farell said on Fox News.

Cohen’s own attorney, Lanny Davis, the Clinton crime family’s own “cleaner,” even admitted he couldn’t name the specific crime his client pled to, saying, “Cohen is guilty of ‘pay[ing] money to keep somebody silent for the principal purpose of political effect, that’s a crime, that’s a felony.'”

But, “Davis did not name the relevant crime,” reported Breitbart, adding, “Lanny Davis said there’s no new evidence, just ‘Mr. Cohen’s word versus Mr. Trump’s.'” This entire narrative is to confuse Americans into thinking campaign finance laws say a candidate can’t use personal funds to pay people, even to silence them. This is utterly false. If that’s true, then more than half the politicians in Washington, DC, are guilty, and I’d bet good money Maxine Waters is one of them.

Maxine’s final tweet said, “Cohen said he would take a bullet for Trump. I guess he never said anything about jail time!” Cohen was looking at 65 years maximum prison time on charges unrelated to Trump. Then, he pleads to this non-crime that no one can name, and poof! Now, Cohen is only looking at 3-5 years. See how that worked?

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Well, patriots destroyed Mad Maxine so badly, she immediately stopped tweeting and must have been crying like a baby. “Old Conservative” tweeted to Waters, “If anyone should be removed from office it is you! There is nothing on which to impeach Trump but plenty to impeach and convict Obama! You should be investigated for your illegal operations!”

“Tom W.” schooled Auntie Maxine on what really is a crime, tweeting, “There is no evidence of any crimes at all personally involving the President. The only collusion with Russia was Clinton, the DNC and the Democrats. You too appear to be apart of the Coup against a duly elected President. It’s time for you to retire and to get out of the Swamp.”

Don Roos let Mad Maxine have it, tweeting, “The most disrespected failure in California History. A racist, lying, cheating, criminal who happens to not be impeached yet, Maxinuts Waters…. California’s embarrassment.”

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The patriots who responded to Mad Maxine’s tweetstorm are so numerous we can’t begin to post every one. She got hammered by Americans who know she has been in office for over 25 years, yet her own district remains so poverty-stricken and gang-infested that, not only does she live elsewhere in a 4.8 million dollar mansion, but she has never passed any legislation to help them.

Auntie Maxine is obsessed with impeaching Trump, the one man who has made a difference for millions of Americans, including African-Americans who enjoy the lowest unemployment level ever recorded. But, she wants him gone. Maxine Waters is a rat, a low IQ swamp rat who feels the heat now that so many Americans know exactly who she is: a two-bit huckster making millions while her own constituents languish in abject poverty. Lock her up for good.

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