Liberals Love Maxine Waters Birthday Cake, But There’s Just 1 Big Problem

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Sabrina Issa is being described as a woman who “combined politics, feminism, and black girl magic into one empowering” Maxine Waters birthday cake. Waters has emerged as the leading anti-Trump voice of the Democrat Party, but it isn’t wise for liberals to celebrate this woman after a few people spotted one huge problem with the viral phenomenon.

As CNN reports in their article, Maxine Waters Is Having A Moment, the liberal Congresswoman is quickly becoming the favorite face of millennials as the primary left-winger to counter the ever successful President Donald Trump. Liberals simply love her.

“She makes the best faces, the perfect black women faces, faces that say 1,000 words without (her) saying anything,” said Brittany Packnett, who donned a “Maxine the Maverick” T-shirt as she posed for selfies with Waters at a Friday night event. “Social media is perfect to display that.”

Black women certainly feel empowered by the Waters phenomenon. As the owner of the cake, Sabrina Issa puts it, “I thought of all the black women leaders I know who lead boldly day in and day out, I thought this is the leadership and energy I want to elevate and honor on my birthday. This is what we all need to source within ourselves.”

Waters is a social media hero and phenomenon, and as Mic recently reported, the tweet of her face, depicted on a birthday cake, quickly went viral. The quote on the cake is a reference to a tweet sent out by Waters in late March.

Waters is the longest-serving black woman in Congress, and CNN believes that she is now attracting the kind of Internet buzz that promoted the recent rise of Senator Bernie Sanders. However, the buzz also presents some problems for Democrats.

…in some ways, Waters’ turn in the spotlight points to the Democratic party’s thin — and cautious — bench and leadership ranks. While most Democrats attended Trump’s inauguration, Waters refused to go, memorably saying she didn’t want to have anything to do with Trump. She has also frequently talked about leading Trump to impeachment, again, with the kind of colorful language that progressives and the internet loves.  For example: “We have to stop his ass,” she once said to a packed house at Busboys and Poets.

All of this is funny, but at the end of the day, will a figure like Waters be able to lead the Democrats out of the quagmire that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton left them in?

In truth, Maxine Waters is like a funny old aunt who says whatever crosses her feeble mind. Unfortunately for liberals, while Waters makes people chuckle, Donald Trump is enjoying consistent, productive, tangible success as President of the United States.

People are happy with Trump’s immigration improvements, his foreign policy, the economy, and especially his America-first focus. Will a funny old black woman be able to counter a record of this nature? In my view and in the views of many, it’s not likely — Thank God.