Maxine Waters Tries to Quote the Constitution to Attack Trump, Goes Horribly Wrong

California Congresswoman Maxine Waters has Democrats hating life even more after she tried to quote the Constitution in a new attack on President Donald Trump. Her attempt to argue anything in legal terms goes horribly wrong.

Maxine Waters (left), President Donald Trump (right) (Photo Credits: YouTube/DB, Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images)

It would seem that Maxine Waters (D-CA) never gets tired of being the laughing stock of the Democratic Party after her outrageous outburst last week on the House floor against Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA) and now this priceless interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes. The interview footage provides more than enough evidence that Democrats no longer require average intelligence from their members.

When Hayes commented that the Trump Hotel brought in $40 million dollars in 2017, he also asked Waters if it’s problematic that the President and the Republican Party use and promote a hotel that financially benefits Trump. This was the slow pitch Waters was waiting for.

“Well, absolutely, you know questions have been raised about that and I think one organization that looks into this kind of thing, uh, have asked for investigations into whether or not there’s a violation of the Constitution or whether or not laws have been broken because obviously, it appears that the President is helping to direct business and he’s making money on it and that there are those who are coming from foreign countries who are glad to comply with this request to stay at the hotel because they think they’re going to create some favor with him,” Waters said.

“So it’s all very criminal looking. And it doesn’t look good for the President of the United States to be involved in business while he is the President of the United States making money off of a government location,” Waters continued, according to Daily Caller.

Wow, I wonder if Waters ever goes back and watches the footage of interviews to actually hear how idiotic she sounds.

“That location belongs to the government. He’s only leasing that location and I think the Constitution says that uh, no one should be able to uh, have a lease or have a business that they have uh, uh, incurred because of their relationship with government,” Waters added.

The pure idiocy of Waters interview is enough to make anyone’s head hurt. Why does her district in California continue to send her back to Washington, D.C.? I almost think that the people in her voting district are perpetrating the biggest joke on our country in revenge for some past perceived offense for which they want to inflict maximum payback.

Could there be other reasonable theories on why a group of voters would continually elect a degenerate like Maxine Waters? At this point, Waters is not just an embarrassment to her constituents and the Democratic Party but more so to the United States. In my opinion, the rest of the country looks bad because of politicians like Waters who have very low intelligence levels.

If anything, Maxine Waters’ presence in Congress should be looked upon as a serious warning sign that our society is decaying to the point of no return. When a complete imbecile can garner enough votes to stay in office as long as Waters has, it’s time to rethink important ideas such as term limits.

This November, Californians in the 43rd Congressional district where Waters is the incumbent, will have the opportunity to replace her and earn the respect of perhaps the entire country. Conservatives always appreciate a good laugh at her expense, but the bottom line is that even liberals would have to admit that Waters is an obstacle to any kind of progress.

While some on the left might consider the occasional bi-partisan cooperation with Republicans, Waters stands in the corner and continues to scream about impeachment. The bottom line here is that Waters isn’t a productive member of Congress or society, and the sooner she’s replaced by a Republican or even another liberal, the better. After all, an idiot who manages to get elected to Congress is still an idiot.

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