WATCH: Liberal Hosts Squirm After What Maxine Waters Accidentally Let Slip On ‘The View’

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WATCH: Liberals Erupt After What Nut Job Maxine Waters Accidentally Let Slip On Live TV
Maxine Waters (left & right), Joy Behar (center)

“The View” has always been a leftist cesspool where the mostly liberal hosts spew lies and half-baked conspiracy theories. Unfortunately for them, they made the mistake of inviting Maxine Waters on air, where she left viewers shocked by what she accidentally let slip — and even the hosts were left squirming as they tried to cover it up.

Maxine Waters is constantly messing up, and she has contradicted herself on more than one occasion. Take, for instance, the fact that she has continuously called for the impeachment of President Donald Trump while at the same time admitting to everyone that there is no legal basis to do so.

Despite these constant flubs, the left is still infatuated with the woman solely for the fact that she’s a parrot for their narrative. However, it seems that they may want to reconsider making her their mouthpiece after what she just did on television after being asked to speak with the co-hosts of “The View.”

Of course, the liberal television personalities basically swooned over the woman. Unfortunately for them, it seems that they should have done their research on Waters’ credibility. You see, Waters has been royally screwing up in the eyes of the public for quite some time, and her most recent appearance was no different. With that said, what she said on “The View” even had the hosts scrambling to try to cover it up.

According to Conservative Tribune, Waters was yet again calling for Trump’s impeachment when things went horribly wrong. Although she even claimed that she wanted Vice President Mike Pence impeached as well to uproot the whole system, she accidentally let something slip that she didn’t mean to say.

As can be heard in the clip, Waters said “Putin” when she actually meant “Pence.” In all, her exact words were, “When we’re finished with Trump we have to go after Putin. He’s next,” as Washington Free Beacon reports. Of course, this absolutely threw her co-panel members for a loop before they eventually tried to cover up her mistake.

A clearly confused Joy Behar then paused for a moment before asking “Putin or Pence?” Waters responded by saying “Uh, Pence.” This proves exactly what is on Ms. Waters’ mind all the time and why she has such an obsession with impeaching Trump. The fact of the matter here is that Trump has done nothing wrong to warrant impeachment, and Pence is absolutely clean as well. As for Waters, she’s screwed up yet again, proving that she’s actually the one unfit for office.

Senility can be a funny thing – especially in this case. Likely, Waters thinks she’s at the top of her game, and why wouldn’t she? She’s gaining popularity with the left as she sells clueless liberals on a false hope. Too bad for them, they’re now in a panic as they’re realizing they’ve placed all their eggs in the basket of a woman who can’t even get facts or names right. Maxine Waters is staring in the face of her own demise, and the best part is that it’s all her own fault.