Maxine Claims Trump’s A War Criminal & ‘Must Be Impeached,’ Made To Regret It

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Maxine Waters just made a huge mistake. The wacky Democrat was on MSNBC spewing anti-Trump propaganda. She went on a rant about President Donald Trump saying that he was never worthy of the presidency, and claiming Robert Mueller has now “proven Russian collusion.” Waters said arrogantly, “I told you so.” Well, Maxine was just made to regret she ever uttered those words. You’ll love this.

Maxine Water and President Donald Trump (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot, Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

The woman known as “Low IQ Maxine” to Trump supporters is proving that the president’s nickname for her has been earned. The Democratic darling joined “AM Joy” on MSNBC, and she claimed President Donald Trump is a “criminal” who should be impeached.

“Well, I hate to say it but it’s like I’m going to say it, I told you so,” said wacky Waters. “Remember I started out talking about this president even before the inauguration. I talked about him being a despicable character. I talked about him not being worthy of the presidency United States of America.”

Then, she dropped her so-called bombshell “evidence” which the 80-year-old made up out of thin air in her own mind. “I said it’s not about wanting to undermine our democracy, it was about lifting those [Russian] sanctions. I believe that the agreement of Manafort and Putin, coming to the campaign to begin with was to do everything they could do so that he could get this president elected so he could be the president that was going to lift these sanctions so they could all make money,” surmised Mad Maxine.

She added, “I continue to say you follow the money and you’ll watch all of these thieves. This president has brought a criminal enterprise into the White House.”

So, let’s get this straight: Maxine Waters thinks Trump hired Manafort because he had some nefarious agreement with Vladimir Putin to lift Russian sanctions so they all could get rich? 

Yeah, well the funny thing is that President Donald Trump has been tougher on Russia than Barack Obama ever was. The Hill sumed up the Trump sanctions on Russia when they reported, “Obama’s lackluster track record with Russia is in stark contrast to the Trump administration that has already, in its first 18 months, surpassed what Obama did over a total of eight years.”

The unhinged Democrats, with “Low IQ” Maxine as their mouthpiece, don’t care about facts. And neither does Special Counsel Robert Mueller. In fact, Mueller’s investigation has brought no indictments for conspiracy to collude with Russians, at all. 

So when Maxine Waters runs around shouting about Russia and that Mueller has indicted over 30 people, there is one huge problem. It has nothing to do with Russia and Trump colluding. Most of the indictments are for process crimes created by the Special Counsel itself. 

But that doesn’t stop Auntie Maxine ranting like a fool. “This president in my estimation has been everything possible to certainly be eligible for impeachment. I really do think that it should be started. I think there have been a couple of attempts that certainly did not win support because the Republicans were in charge of both houses, but I do believe impeachment should begin,” Waters said on MSNBC. 

Former Federal Prosecutor Joe di Genova said Mueller’s investigation is “a complete failure” because there is “absolutely no evidence” that Russians colluded with the Trump 2016 presidential campaign.

DiGenova added that Mueller is now trying to indict peripheral figures for lying about other issues in order to — as an excuse — claim he could have caught Trump but for these people who supposedly lied. These “lies” are the process crimes Mueller created himself. 

“This is all about failure,” said di Genova, “A dog and pony show to justify two years of investigatory failure.” Americans also weighed in making Maxine Waters really regret her words. 

The California Democrat is trying to become the new chair of the Financial Services Committee. Twitter user “Witch Nectar” tweeted, “It’s outrageous that she holds a seat in the House at all. The likes of Maxine Waters should have been run out of office on ethics violations long ago. Did the Republicans think they’d hold a majority forever? Dems won’t be so kind.”

Judicial Watch is trying to stop Waters from getting her hands on that chairmanship. They brought a suit against Mad Maxine to the Ethics Committee, charging her with corruption and making the 80-year-old ineligible to be chairman of anything. 

“Considering her record and documented history of poor ethical and moral fitness, it’s outrageous that Maxine Waters is up for chair of the ultra-powerful House Financial Services Committee, which has jurisdiction over the country’s banking system, economy, housing, and insurance,” Judicial Watch reported.  

Mad Maxine might just find out the hard way that spewing her anti-Trump nonsense only highlights her own corruption. She’s a joke, and no one really takes her seriously. If she had a high IQ, she might be dangerous. For now, she is just another Democrat spewing wishful thinking about the Mueller investigation. In the end, everything Maxine Waters has said about President Trump will come back to haunt her. 

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