Mayor Blames Little Girls For Refugee Rapes, Grandpa Makes Him Regret It

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At an open forum with the mayor, a grandfather asked what would be done about his 10-year-old granddaughter being harassed by refugees. When the liberal mayor responded that the children shouldn’t provoke the sexual deviants, he quickly realized it was the wrong answer to give to a very protective grandpa.

During a town hall meeting of concerned German citizens in Bad Schlema, a city near the German-Czech border, fear soon turned to rage after the city’s leftist mayor dismissed that German children were being abused by migrant children.

As translated by Breitbart, one civilian stood up and introduced himself as the worried grandfather of a 10-year-old girl who had encountered such behavior. Fearing for his granddaughter’s safety, he pleaded with the mayor for answers.

“I have a question regarding the school, about physical education in the gym,” he began. “My granddaughter, she’s 10 — and it also happened in a nearby town — the girls have been harassed by the refugee ‘children,’ the ‘asylum seekers,’ and they get harassed from the windows [of the refugee center] and things like that. How will this be in the summer when the girls wear less clothing?”

Almost as if reading from a progressive script, the mayor’s smug retort was enough to make German Chancellor Angela Merkel proud.

That’s easy, just don’t provoke them and don’t walk in these areas,” he callously snapped.

That’s when all hell broke loose.

The grandfather’s question prompted fed up citizens to take over the forum, shouting obscenities and threats towards the mayor, and demanding his removal.

“Who the hell elected you? The migrants come here, and we’re not allowed to walk here anymore?!” a man erupted from the crowd, Freie Presse reports.

The mayor again excuses the refugees’ behavior, adding that the girls should take a longer alternative route to school. At this point, the crowd began shouting that “it doesn’t f***ing matter if there are other routes!” because citizens shouldn’t have to assimilate to the dangerous and backward cultures that are invading their country.

The mayor then attempts to change the subject and calm the enraged attendants, reminding that sexual assault is also committed by native Germans as well. However, a citizen slams the mayor’s lame excuse by shouting back that Germans go to prison for it while refugees are released back onto the streets.

At this point, the mayor completely ignores his people’s concerns, calling to move on to the next question.

Perhaps the mayor would feel differently if it was his own children being bullied or molested by these migrant “children.” Still, he may take the progressive approach, blaming his own daughters for “provoking” them by not wearing a burka to cover their shameful, seductive 10-year-old bodies.

Just as leftists do, this mayor would rather blame little children for any sexual or physical assault committed against them than the perverse male migrants who are admitting that they will rape women until they submit to their misogynistic Islamic customs.

Germany’s worsening “refugee problem” is a terrifying harbinger for the rest of Europe and the U.S. As a tiny minority, these Muslim migrants are already terrorizing the majority into submission. How will it be when they double or triple their numbers or, God forbid, become the majority?

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