Liberal Mayor De Blasio Hires Muslim Cop To Show Diversity, Comes Back To Bite Him

Far-left New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio made sure to include a Middle Eastern immigrant police officer on his security detail to show his dedication to multiculturalism. However, it didn’t take long for his diversity hire to come back to bite him.

Liberal Mayor De Blasio Hires Muslim Cop To Show Diversity, Comes Back To Bite Him
After hiring Muslim immigrant Abdelim Azab (right) to diversify his security detail, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (left) is learning a tough lesson in forced multiculturalism. (Photo credit: EuropaNewswire/Gado/Getty Images, NYPD)

According to the left’s identity politics, certain demographics deserve more privilege because of their perceived oppression. Disturbingly, followers of what’s arguably the world’s most oppressive ideology top the list, enabling them to claim victimhood while harboring their own deeply ingrained bigotry.

Of course, along with the ignorant liberal ideologues are progressives who know very well that Islam’s teachings and mandates are inherently intolerant but believe that extending tolerance will buy them an alliance with devout Muslims. Unfortunately, what they find is that their benevolence was merely used as a stepping stool by which to invoke religious supremacy.

As a long-time member of NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s personal security detail, Egyptian-born Muslim Detective Abdelim “Abe” Azab certainly made the progressive politician’s campaign more diverse and inclusive. However, the mayor’s leftist policy has come back to bite him in an incredibly ironic fashion.

According to the New York Post, Mayor Bill de Blasio has found himself at the center of a $7-million federal lawsuit after Detective Abdelim “Abe” Azab claimed that he was repeatedly discriminated against based on his religious and racial background. Despite being hailed by the left as tolerant and open-minded, de Blasio and his team allegedly enacted deeply prejudiced policies targeting Azab, resulting in a damning major lawsuit against the city.

As a 17-year NYPD veteran, Azab claims that he’s continuously been denied promotions and assignments because he was labeled a “misfit” who was “too intimidating” because of his Middle Eastern heritage and Muslim faith. Azab referred to gigs he was denied such as protecting de Blasio during his daily workouts at the Park Slope Y, refusals which he reiterates were due to his appearance and background.

“Mr. Azab, a detective who went undercover after 9/11, has been regularly passed over for promotion, and has been given insulting assignments within his unit,” his attorney Marshall Bellovin, of the firm Ballon, Stoll, Bader & Nadler, told The Post.

The Egyptian immigrant maintains that his employers consistently made bigoted remarks about him, including that he must be kept “away from [de Blasio].” In fact, Azab claims he has proof that he was removed on at least 4 separate occasions from chauffeuring the mayor to be replaced by a non-Muslim, non-Middle Eastern officer after top officials discovered he was behind the wheel.

Azab alleges his bosses have made “vulgar” and “derogatory” comments about him — including that he’s “useless” and a “misfit,” and have directed sergeants to keep “Abe away from [de Blasio].”

As a result, he spent most of 2015 through 2017 protecting City Hall instead of the mayor in an effort “to isolate him from the rest of the EPU team,” he alleges.

Azab revealed that he was not only denied training opportunities that would advance his career but was also excluded from de Blasio’s 2015 trip to Israel, despite being the only Arabic speaker in the unit. He explained that this too was due to his label of being “too intimidating.”

The NY Daily News reports that Azab has named commander of the mayor’s security detail, Howard Redmond, and bureau chief Thomas Galati as well as Lt. Karl Pfeffer and Sgt. Paul Briscoe in his lawsuit. He claims that the order stemmed directly from these top officers, although it’s unclear whether they were issued with or without de Blasio’s approval.

Hollywood Unlocked confirms that de Blasio was notified of numerous discrimination complaints filed by several other officers but refused to make any changes. The mayor has yet to comment on the most recent lawsuit, which was filed Friday.

Azab joined the NYPD in 2001 and worked undercover surveilling Muslims for terrorist activity until 2008. He was promoted to detective in 2003 and detective second grade 5 years later, making more than $160,000 annually, but has not received a promotion since then.

This lawsuit provides evidence that either Mayor Bill de Blasio and his team are harboring the same racial and religious bias of which they often accuse their opposition, or that it’s just another discrimination hoax perpetrated by a Muslim living in the freest, most tolerant nation on earth. Either way, the lawsuit proves the left’s ignorance when it comes to playing the dangerous game of identity politics. Indeed, the left can’t control their minority pets like they thought they could, and it’s undeniably coming back to bite them.

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