McCain Funeral Shocker: Senator Insisted This Infamous Swamp Rat Got Front Row Seat

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Americans are having to endure an endless five-day tribute to Senator John McCain, and now we can report another “final request” the Arizona Senator made just before he died. McCain dictated every detail of his numerous memorials, including making sure an infamous swamp rat got a front-row seat after he excluded President Donald Trump and his VP running mate Sarah Palin. This will blow your mind.

VP Mike Pence addresses the crowd at John McCain’s memorial on Capitol Hill Friday. The arrow points at the location where an infamous swamp rat was seated. (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

Many Americans have reported they are getting a tad bit fed-up with the endless coverage of John McCain’s many memorial services. After having a big memorial service in Arizona with all the pomp and circumstance, he was then flown on Air Force Two to Washington, DC where he had another full-blown memorial on Friday morning.

But it’s not over. McCain will “lie in state” at the Capitol, something only 30 Americans have had that honor usually reserved for presidents, before then going to the Naval Academy for another send-off service.

Every single detail was planned by McCain, and he had a list of those he wanted at every service and where they would be allowed to sit. He also had a list of who would not be welcome, including President Trump and Sarah Palin. So, when his memorial for the Washington, DC insiders was held Friday morning, Americans couldn’t believe their eyes.

Right there amongst his best buddies front and center, like Senator Lindsay Graham, was that swamp rat, Rod Rosenstein. He is an Obama holdover who is part of the cabal at the DOJ who knowingly framed President Donald Trump with the bogus charges that the Trump campaign colluded with Russians to win the election.

Rod Rosenstein (circled) sits prominently with US Senators like John McCain’s best friend Senator Linsay Graham. (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

In fact, Rosenstein signed off on the illegal FISA warrants to spy on Trump associates while knowing from DOJ attorney Bruce Ohr that the evidence they were offering up to the FISA court was completely manufactured nonsense by his wife Nellie Ohr. Yep, we are talking about the infamous “Trump-Russia” dossier.

Kimberly Strassel reports via the Wall Street Journal, “Congressional sources tell me that Mr. Ohr revealed Tuesday that he verbally warned the FBI that its source had a credibility problem, alerting the bureau to Mr. Steele’s leanings and motives. He also informed the bureau that Mrs. Ohr was working for Fusion and contributing to the dossier project.”

Fox News correspondent Gregg Jarrett said, “Rosenstein has repeatedly defied lawful subpoenas about the origins of the Trump, Russia collusion hoax. He treats Congress with contempt, and Rosenstein should be held in contempt and be impeached. This is a guy who has been covering up and obstructing justice.”

Jarrett concluded, “There was no legal basis to launch the investigation of Trump, no probable cause, no evidence of crimes, no plausible intelligence to justify a counter-intelligence probe. People invented or exaggerated facts.”

Maybe we shouldn’t be too shocked. McCain was also part of the cabal. McCain was the one who went to Nova Scotia to obtain the bogus dossier. He claimed he couldn’t make an accurate assessment of the dossier so he turned it over to the DOJ (Rosenstein) and the FBI (James Comey).

Really? Anyone who has read the salacious dossier knows it is pure fiction. In fact, why would McCain in 2016, already ill, make a trek all the way to Nova Scotia to meet with a known British spy, Christopher Steele? McCain was a Wahington, DC insider who clearly wouldn’t travel that far without knowing who Steele worked for, Hillary Clinton, and what the game was: “Get Trump at any cost.”

The Arizona Senator got extremely angry when conservatives questioned his actions of meeting with a foreign agent, Christopher Steele, to influence an election. “Conspiracy theories have grown around what I did and why,” McCain wrote, saying those theories included that he’s a “double agent for Russia” and that he “acted out of jealousy” that Donald Trump won a presidential election when he didn’t.

But the Arizona Republican said he felt he had an obligation “to bring to the attention of appropriate officials unproven accusations I could not assess myself” that could make Trump vulnerable to a “hostile foreign power” if any of them were true.

“Anyone who doesn’t like it can go to hell,” McCain said, adding that he would “do it again.” McCain’s final actions are still being played out on Capitol Hill, as President Trump continues to fight to expose the swamp rats who colluded to unseat him as the duly elected President of the United States.

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