McMaster Gets Fired By Trump, Democrats HATE His Replacement For 1 Reason

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National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster just got thrown from the Trump train, and Democrats absolutely hate his replacement for one huge reason. Snowflakes aren’t going to like this.

Donald Trump (left), H.R. McMaster (right) (Photo Credits: YouTube/The Tonight Show/CNN)

President Donald Trump announced that National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster will no longer be serving in his administration. The President’s Twitter announcement sent liberals over the edge. “I am pleased to announce that, effective 4/9/18, @AmbJohnBolton will be my new National Security Advisor. I am very thankful for the service of General H.R. McMaster who has done an outstanding job & will always remain my friend. There will be an official contact handover on 4/9.”

The departure of General H.R. McMaster is welcome news to anyone who supports Trump’s “Make America Great Again” agenda. In the past, McMaster has been the cause of significant controversy for his efforts to get rid of anyone who supported the President’s nationalist ideology.

In one instance, McMaster forbade members of the National Security Council from using the term “Obama-holdovers” to describe individuals who were still serving in the administration which many viewed as loyal to Barack Obama’s corrupt agenda.

The primary reason that Democrats hate John Bolton is for his conservative views on foreign policy. Bolton has been outspoken on North Korea and Iran and has in the past expressed the need for the United States to deal harshly with both of the extremist governments.

Another reason liberals dislike Bolton is his loyalty to Trump. On Thursday, March 22, 2018, Bolton gave an interview to Fox News during which he bashed those in the White House who have been leaking sensitive and even classified information about Trump’s private communications.

Speaking directly about a memo which was recently leaked by someone in the White House, Bolton slammed the still anonymous guilty party. “When I read about the leak of the notes and the subject of the conversation, I was outraged by it,” Bolton said of the news that Trump ignored advice not to congratulate Russian president Vladimir Putin on his electoral victory. “I mean, it recalled earlier in the administration when somebody was leaking transcripts of the president’s conversations with foreign leaders. It’s completely unacceptable.”

“You cannot conduct diplomacy, you cannot expect other foreign leaders to be candid and open in their conversations with the president if some munchkin in the executive branch decides they’re going to leak the talking points of the transcript or any other aspect of it,” Bolton added. “I think this is really a terrible reflection on the individual or individuals who did this. They should be ashamed of themselves.”

I could not agree with more with Bolton. The fact that there are still leaks coming from the White House just proves how disloyal those who are close to the President really are. Bolton, who is former Ambassador to the United Nations, is very likely to become the target of many attacks from the left for both his loyalty to Trump and hardline position on dealing with rogue countries.

In my opinion, Trump made an outstanding decision replacing globalist McMaster who did not leave the Army in order to serve as Trump’s National Security Advisor. Recently, many Americans were shocked to find out that McMaster had been working for a foreign think tank funded in part China and Russia for 11 years before joining Trump’s administration. It doesn’t sit right with a lot of people who see that situation for what it truly is — a conflict of interest on a massive level.

According to Daily Caller, McMaster was slammed by other military officials for his controversial position at the foreign think tank called International Institute for Strategic Studies. In a statement to Daily Caller retired Rear Admiral James Lyons, who served 35 years in the Navy said, “It is really absurd that an active duty military officer, particularly one of flag rank, is a consultant to a foreign organization that is taking money and contributions from questionable countries that are known enemies of the United States. This to me seems to be outside the bounds of what we’re committed to. This is atrocious.”

I think there are many like Lyons who are happy to see McMaster leaving the National Security Council. Bolton is a welcome change to Trump’s administration which has seen many challenges in the past year due to disloyal individuals.

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