Media Not Reporting Story Of Army Capt. Beaten To Bloody Pulp, Know Why?

An active duty combat veteran was out with a group of friends last week when he was beaten to within inches of his life. The Army captain was hospitalized, and several of his friends needed to be treated by medics. But as bad as the story is, the media hasn’t been touching it.

It happened in Kansas City on Sept. 19 outside of the Zocola Mexican restaurant, reports FOX2NOW. The unidentified captain, who’s stationed at Fort Leavenworth, was out with a group of friends when he encountered a group of six feral thugs inside of the restaurant, which ended with him almost losing his life.

Media Not Reporting Story Of Army Capt. Beaten To Bloody Pulp, Know Why?
Zocala Mexican Restaurant

The captain, who was off-duty and not in uniform at the time, accidentally bumped into one of the thugs as he drank a beer with his buddies. Apparently, such a mistake is no longer acceptable, so the black man attempted to start a fight with the captain, who’s white.

Restaurant staff quickly escorted the thug and his five black friends from the establishment and everyone thought the incident was over, but they were wrong. When the captain went to leave the building, the thugs were waiting outside for him and all hell broke loose.

Witnesses said that they saw one of the thugs sucker punch the captain, which immediately sent him to the ground. The six hood rats then proceeded to beat the daylights out of the captain as he lay helplessly on the pavement.

The captain’s friends heard the fight outside and rushed to help him, but they too fell victim to the feral thugs. Two of them were kicked and punched, and a fellow captain was punched with a closed fist in the face with great force, requiring paramedics to treat them all at the scene.

The thugs, who are all in their early to mid-20s, made a quick getaway after police were called, but the damage was already done. The severely injured captain was rushed to the hospital with numerous broken bones in his face and significant loss of blood. He also suffered possible optic nerve damage to one of his eyes and a fractured skull. He remained in the hospital for a week, but was finally released back to Fort Leavenworth on Monday.

So far, police haven’t made any arrests in the horrifying case, but the thug who originally started the fight left an open tab on a debit card. According to a report from the Kansas City Police, there wasn’t much the captain could have done to avoid the beating, since police believe the thugs responsible were “looking for a fight.”

So here we are almost two weeks after this happened, and not only have there not been any arrests made, but the mainstream media hasn’t touched this story. This is what’s enraging about the media now – it only reports stories which fit its agenda. Sadly, this type of thing happens daily, and there’s countless victims of black-on-white crime, such as an Army captain, who bravely fought for our nation, but we rarely hear about it.

Perhaps if more attention was brought to this type of thing – racially motivated attacks against whites – we could actually work to stop it. Instead, these stories are dusted over or completely ignored, meanwhile, the violence continues and innocent people are victimized for no other reason than the color of their skin.

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