[VIDEO] Media Reacts With Silence As Trump Rolls Out His Secret Weapon

Donald Trump is halfway to the GOP nomination, and as he looks to wrap it up, his campaign is bringing out a secret weapon. Social media is buzzing with anticipation, but the mainstream media is reacting with a deafening silence. If The Donald ever had a “Trump” card, it’s this secret weapon, and it’s a sure-fire way to get him more votes.

Melania Trump with Ted Cruz’s daughters.

Melania Trump will be joining Donald Trump on the campaign trail. She will take an active hands-on role in campaigning, and the decision is a brilliant move. This last week, the anti-Trump media engaged in a round of propaganda reporting.

First, they took the far left Chris Matthews side against Trump, when Matthews cornered Trump on a hypothetical abortion question. Secondly, the anti-Trump media made a story out of Michelle Fields’ claim of abuse by Trump’s campaign manager.

This hit style journalism by the anti-Trump media led the Trump campaign to make the move to shore up the female vote, and who better to make the case for Trump and women than Melania?

Trump, speaking at a rally in Wisconsin on April 2nd, spoke about his wife, saying, “She’s going to campaign. She’s never done this before, so that will be exciting, Melania is coming up.”

So far, the anti-Trumpsters have gone silent on Melania Trump joining the campaign. The subject they still are harping on is the Michelle Fields and Corey Lewandowski dust-up. Fields is the fired Breitbart reporter who claimed Lewandowski abused her.

Here is the latest update on Michelle Fields, with new video that shows Fields rejected the Secret Service’s command to “stay back,” opting to do a run around and going where she was not allowed, which is how she got so close to Trump. It also shows her prior Occupy Wall Street false claim of abuse, where she said cops abused her.

Melania Trump joining the campaign is a smart move, as Trump needs to deflect these false claims of his alleged war on women. This is what the latest hit pieces by the anti-Trump media were for, their end game was to smear Trump to potential women voters.

Women voters will hear about Trump from Melania, and that is something the anti-Trump media dares not touch. They will look too vindictive if they try to smear Melania. Hopefully, Melania will be the secret weapon to end all these crazy allegations. Melania Trump will make it clear, let’s keep these false allegations about a war on women where they belong, in the heap of the far left narratives that only nut jobs believe.

[h/t Western Journalism]

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