Media Quick to Blame Trump Over Deadly Shooting, Gunman’s Real Motive Exposed

Yesterday, the country was stunned as a gunman opened fire in a newspaper office. Before any facts were in, liberal journalists immediately put the blame on President Donald Trump. Soon after, the real facts emerged, exposing the liberal media — once again — as fake news.

As the shooting hit the news, journalists were quick to blame it on President Donald Trump. (Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr, Anne Arundel Co. Dept. of Detention Facilities)

Is there anything the media won’t say or do to slander the president? It’s clear that Donald Trump enjoys surging support among Americans. After a year and a half in office, people are seeing what an effective leader he is. His list of accomplishments is already too long to put in just one article.

That enrages the left and their lapdogs in the media. Heaven forbid they cover Trump’s presidency fairly! Otherwise, his approval would be through the roof. They have a country to ruin, so the media goes to great lengths to insult, smear, and attack the Commander in Chief.

Naturally, President Trump calls them out for their dishonesty. He calls much of the media “fake news.” Rightly so. That only shocks the limp-wristed cowards in the press; how dare anyone call them out for their behavior!

Yesterday, a lone gunman entered the offices of The Capital-Gazette newspaper. He murdered five people and injured others. As the event unfolded, we waited for the details. We didn’t know who the shooter was nor his motive. That didn’t stop the mainstream media from attacking the President. They blamed Trump for the actions of this man, without a shred of evidence to back it up.

Rob Cox of Reuters

Without even finding out the details, these “journalist” blamed Donald Trump. Can you imagine that kind of hate, that kind of ugly, evil bias? Why weren’t these people upset at the actual shooter?

A deranged, violent, and evil person opened fire on innocent civilians. People had to cower under their desks, afraid for their lives. Five people were taken from the earth — never to be with their families and friends. It is a time to mourn and seek justice. But these reporters don’t even wait a minute before spewing their hate at a man completely unconnected to the event.

This is the modern left. They use tragedy and dead people as props for their political cause. These journalists really hoped the shooter was a white, conservative man wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat — so they could blame this on the president.

Instead, the truth quickly came out. This had nothing to do with Trump or his millions of supporters.

Several members of the mainstream media blamed President Donald Trump for a suspect who allegedly killed five journalists on Thursday and reportedly had a longstanding dispute with the newspaper dating back to before Trump even declared his candidacy for the Oval Office.

Per several reports, authorities late Thursday identified Jarrod W. Ramos as the shooter who allegedly opened fire on the news staff of Maryland’s The Capital-Gazette newspaper. It came out shortly thereafter that Ramos had a longstanding battle with the newspaper dating back nearly a decade–one that resulted in lawsuits being filed and the man appearing to create a Twitter account in which he repeatedly bashed the Maryland newspaper for years.

Ramos appears to have had a long and troubled history with the newspaper. In 2011, he was convicted of criminally harassing a romantic interest. A then-Gazette columnist, Eric Hartley, wrote a story about his conviction and his history as a harasser. Ramos reportedly turned his anger on Hartley and the paper, starting a website dedicated to discrediting Hartley. In 2012, Ramos launched a lawsuit, representing himself, against Hartley, the Capital Gazette, its parent company, and editor Tom Marquardt. [Source: Breitbart]

It seemed like Ramos, a Hispanic man unconnected to conservatives or Trump, had a long-brewing dispute with the paper. And, much like the Parkland shooting, people knew of his intentions and were warning that he’d do something like this.

In fact, the paper sought a restraining order against the man and even tried to enlist the help of the police back in 2013. Our real concern should be with the local law enforcement and justice system; why didn’t they apprehend this man before he opened fire? Why weren’t there greater efforts to listen to the people who knew he’d do something like this?

Yet the media — long before the facts were known— were attacking Trump. They said he was “inciting” violence against the media. All the President does is call out the press for their shockingly biased and negative coverage of his administration (and his character, family, and personal life). We don’t even need Trump telling us they’re fake news when we the people can plainly see that.

We’ve yet to see a committed Trump supporter go on a killing spree. More often than not, these killers are sick, lone wolves or, in some cases, leftists. Yet the media continues to push the narrative that conservatives are violent, racist, Nazis.

To date, only one reporter was willing to apologize for his tweet. But perhaps that’s just because he fears for his job.

Of course, he doesn’t apologize directly to the President of the United States—the very man he called soulless. So, when are we going to reject the mainstream media, once and for all?

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