Media’s Shocking Admissions About Aleppo Boy, Paint MUCH Different Picture

Omran Daqneesh, the “Aleppo boy”

A video of a small Syrian boy saved from the rubble of an airstrike in Aleppo has broken hearts. Footage showed 5-year-old Omran Daqneesh in the back of an ambulance, bloodied with a dazed look on his face. However, after he captured national attention, the media made a shocking admission about the child that paints a much different picture than we were initially manipulated into believing.

By now, almost everyone has seen little Omran’s face, and it has pulled at our heartstrings. Bringing Omran’s nightmare right into our own living rooms, every major news network broadcasted the troubling footage, making his plight our own.

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However, the mainstream media’s manipulation surrounding Omran’s story is now being exposed after one outlet inadvertently made an admission that exposes a truth they didn’t want you to know. It was none other than far-left MSNBC that showed us what Omran really means to the liberals, but many may have missed it while having their emotions toyed with for political gain.

In a report sure to reignite the refugee crisis debate, MSNBC draws our attention to little Omran. As emotions overwhelm the viewer, it’s easy to miss the admission made by the reporter. The war in Syria has been going on for five years, all of Omran’s life. “This is what it’s like every day in Aleppo,” the reporter tells us, before adding how desperate those in Aleppo are, living a hellish nightmare each day. Then comes the admission. “More than 470,000 people have now died in this war — 1.8 million people have been wounded,” he says.

Soon thereafter, a reporter in the studio adds, “It is often children who focus our attention on the horrors of what’s going on in the world,” before mentioning the picture of the young refugee boy, who washed up on shore and was then carried through the sand, focusing the West’s attention on refugees. Then comes another shocking admission. She admits that the dead boy on the shore focused attention on refugees for “a while.” She continues, admitting Omran is a pawn, as she states, “Maybe this [Omran’s image] will focus some attention on the ongoing war there,” before also admitting she hopes it is getting international attention.

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Next, she resorts to manipulation. “It’s just hard to imagine anybody with a heart who doesn’t see this video or even just the photograph and their heart doesn’t break a little bit,” she claims as her co-reporter reassures her, their goal is being achieved and the child’s image is spreading like fire across social media.

For those who still aren’t getting it, by the media’s own admission, hundreds of thousands have died while millions have been injured. Over the last five years, there have literally been countless Omrans. We are being led to believe the media cares about Omran and children like him in war-torn Syria. They don’t. He’s a pawn in their game. They haven’t cared about the hundreds of thousands before him, so why do they care now?

With the 2016 election being right around the corner, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is gaining traction for his foreign policy, which includes intensive vetting of refugees. The mainstream media is now going into a frenzy, admittedly hoping and doing all they can to ensure that everyone sees Omran’s face and begins focusing on refugees again. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is promising to increase the number of refugees that America will take in by 550%. Is this all a coincidence? I think not.

I will not allow the Democrats and mainstream media to use children as pawns in their political game for their benefit and gain. These lawmakers, while forcing Americans to accept an influx of Muslim migrants, keep those same refugees they promise to help as far from Washington, DC as possible. They don’t want them anywhere near their homes. Shouldn’t that tell us something?

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America, this is the media’s manipulation and they even admitted to it. It’s time to wake up and stop allowing them to play with our emotions, convincing us that if we don’t allow our own safety to be put at risk we must not have a heart. They want to draw our focus to one image instead of the big picture. While the mainstream media and the liberal left use Omran as their political pawn, I beg of you to look at the big picture too, instead of that one image which, although heartbreaking, doesn’t tell the whole story.

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