Meghan’s Brother Pens Open Letter To Harry With Shocking Secret: ‘It’s Not Too Late’

The drama surrounding Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding just evolved into one hot mess. After months of wary British citizens questioning the American actress’ true intentions, her beleaguered brother Thomas Markle, Jr. just penned a scathing open letter addressed to Prince Harry, and it contains a shocking secret that sheds light on why he advises that “it’s not too late.”

Meghan Markle (left), Prince Harry (middle), Thomas Markle, Jr. (right) (Photo Credit: Max Mumby, Indigo, Getty Images, Toby Melville – WPA Pool/Getty Images, Coleman-Rayner Getty Images)

Thomas Markle Jr. is the half-brother of Meghan Markle with the siblings sharing the same father, Thomas Markle, Sr. Markle Jr. is extremely upset over the snub his sister has given to all of her relatives, with only her mother being invited to the royal wedding.

Mr. Markle warns Harry, telling him “it’s not too late” to scrap the wedding plans and laying out his reasons why he believes the prince is making “the biggest mistake in royal wedding history.”

The letter, shared with In Touch Magazine reads, “As more time passes to your royal wedding, it became very clear that this is the biggest mistake in royal wedding history. Meghan Markle is obviously not the right woman for you. I’m confused why you don’t see the real Meghan that the whole world now sees.”

He adds, “Meghan’s attempt to act the part of a princess like a below C average Hollywood actress is getting old. Meghan is a jaded, shallow, conceited woman that will make a joke of you and the royal family heritage.”

The Daily Mail reports, Meghan’s 51-year-old brother from Oregon “then went on to claim that their father went into debt in order to support Markle’s acting dream and is still struggling financially. He also claims that their father was not invited to the wedding.”

This supports previous reports that Meghan was her father’s favorite and was born at a time in his career, as an Emmy Award-winning lighting director, when he spared no expense in funding her private high school education. Meghan graduated in 1999 and went on to North Western University.

It took the future Princess Pushy, who was raised in the exclusive area right outside Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, eleven long years after graduation before she landed her role in the TV drama Suits in late 2010. So, it’s quite possible her father funded her years in between so she never had to give up her acting dream.

This also sheds light on one of her early YouTube videos from 1999 while, as a struggling actress, she is driving around Beverly Hills with estranged best friend Nikki Priddy and says, “Yeah, I’m supposed to go visit my dad, but he’s upset with me right now.”

Back to her brother’s letter, it continues, “What kind of person starts out by using her own father until he’s bankrupt, then forgets about him in Mexico leaving him broke, over mostly all her debts?” It goes on, “And when it’s time to pay him back she forgets her own father like she never knew him. It’s very apparent that her tiny bit of Hollywood fame has gone to her head.”

That’s quite a bombshell Mr. Markle dropped, and this whole mess could have been avoided if Meghan would have just contacted her relatives and smoothed over this entire situation. One thing must be true; namely, all of her relatives claiming that she hasn’t spoken to them since she made it big on Suits.

Many people are also speculating that Thomas, Jr. must have recently been in contact with Thomas, Sr., and upon hearing his dad was still waiting for an invite that would never come, the son was angered to see his father hurt to the point of lashing out with this letter.

But, there’s more. Mr. Markle writes, “Not to mention, to top it all off, she doesn’t invite her own family and instead invites complete strangers to the wedding. Who does that? You and the royal family should put an end to this fake fairytale wedding before it’s too late.”

Well, according to the tweet below, the Brits already have minted the official wedding coin.

Mr. Markle had some parting words for Harry, finishing his letter with, “Meghan is still my sister. She is family. So whatever happens is up to her, whether she wants to forget knowing me or the rest of her family, family comes first. Also, you would think that a royal wedding would bring a torn family closer together, but I guess we’re all distant family to Meg.”

I highly doubt Meghan’s reclusive dad would have made a stink about not getting the invite, but there is no doubt this must have hurt him greatly. In that video from 1999, Meghan shows photos of herself with her dad. It’s evident they were close and he was a good father.

There are those who say her extended family are just gold diggers and want to get something from her. There is probably some truth on all sides of this mess, but it is unforgivable to not invite your father to your wedding when he is not one of the gold diggers. We don’t know the entire story, but we do know her father has not spoken to the press and has only wished her well through third parties.

If Princess Pushy is willing to shun her father in this manner, she might marry a prince while wearing a diamond-crusted tiara, but under that crown, she’s just a mediocre actress who stepped over countless people to get to Buckingham Palace.

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