OPINION: Meghan’s High-Risk Pregnancy Shocks Queen, Harry’s Biggest Regret

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Meghan Markle is pregnant, which is not the really shocking news. The 37-year-old former actress blasted the news to the royal family at Princess Eugenie’s wedding Friday afternoon, which caused issues with Eugenie’s mom, Sarah Ferguson, who felt Meghan was trying to upstage her daughter’s big day. But, the truth behind Meghan’s high-risk pregnancy is what shocked the Queen, and it might be Prince Harry’s biggest regret. Don’t miss this.

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle (left), Queen Elizabeth II (right) (Photo Credit: Owen Humphreys – WPA Pool/Getty Images, Mark Large – WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Royal insiders are reporting Meghan Markles’ decision to blast her pregnancy news to the royal family at Princess Eugenie’s wedding on Friday afternoon was in poor taste but not shocking for those royal watchers who feel the former Suits star’s narcissistic personality won’t let anyone upstage her.

Mirror reports, “Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been accused of ‘stealing Princess Eugenie’s spotlight’ after breaking their baby news – at her wedding. The couple reportedly told the Queen and other members of the Royal Family at the lavish ceremony at Windsor Castle on Friday that they were expecting their first child. Now, some fans have taken to social media to criticize the timing of the announcement, given it was 28-year-old Eugenie’s special day.”

There’s a big reason we believe this pregnancy news must have caught the Queen off-guard. It’s widely known traveling overseas isn’t something a pregnant royal is allowed to do. The Sun reports, “Travelling abroad is frowned upon. Unlike many other royal women, Meghan is more affected by this ‘rule’ – she’d just touched down in Australia when she announced her pregnancy. According to reports, pregnant royals are encouraged to keep traveling abroad to a minimum – and it’s all to do with safety measures.”

Which begs the question, isn’t this a high-risk pregnancy? Daily Mail reports, “However, because of the Duchess of Sussex’s age, the 37-year-old is technically classed as having a ‘geriatric pregnancy.’ The term has been around for decades to describe a pregnant woman over the age of 35 – but is not widely used anymore because of its ‘insulting’ tone.”

Meghan was on the other side of the world when Kensington Palace made the official announcement to the world this morning, and by all accounts, the Queen just found out on Friday. Meghan made sure she was out of the country and in Australia, against the Queen’s rules, when she dropped the pregnancy bomb on the good people of the United Kingdom.

And, the fact that the former Hollywood star kept the news to herself when she is approximately 15 weeks pregnant might be Prince Harry’s biggest regret, reflected in his mood at Eugenie’s wedding. “For some reason, Harry looks distracted and fidgety as they wait in the pews, while Meghan sits facing front and looking demure and impervious, with a polite social smile on her face,” body language expert Judi James exclusively told The Sun.

Prince Harry looks away from Meghan, visibly upset, claims a body language expert. (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

It appears Meghan didn’t want anyone to know until she was well into her second trimester, but keeping it from the Queen probably wasn’t the wisest move, and according to palace norms, she should not be traveling. US Weekly is reporting, “She is due on or around May 2nd,” according to an insider. This means, “Meghan is a couple days just shy of her 15-week mark.”

It’s important to note that, shortly after Meghan got pregnant, Harry went on an unexpected trip to Botswana, as reports were coming in that there was tension in the marriage. In August, Mad World News previously reported, “The first fissure in this fairytale marriage happened when Harry caught Meghan pulling nasty PR stunts behind his back, and after they had a big blow-up, he took off for Botswana alone.”

At the same time, the Queen was holding crisis meetings at Balmoral, Her Majesty’s summer residence, and the topic was the Duchess of Sussex’s behavior toward her father. Meghan and Harry surprisingly never showed up at Balmoral, which fueled the rumors of the tension between Meghan, Harry, and the Queen. Meghan then went to Toronto in the middle of August, after Harry left for Botswana.

It was known Meghan had consulted with fertility doctors in the past. “Meghan Markle and Prince Harry saw fertility doctors in the months before their big wedding,” RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned. “The former Suits TV actress will turn 37 in August, and the two feel the ticking of her biological clock, a royal source revealed.”

All of this has many people questioning whether Meghan knew her marriage was going south and ramped up efforts to get pregnant. This is also fueled by the fact that, just after the couple got engaged, they sat down with the BBC and were asked if they had plans to start a family soon. While Harry said, “Not currently, no,” Meghan laughed beside him. The royal added they were taking things “one step at a time.”

Raising further suspicions, around the time Meghan got pregnant and shortly thereafter, the Queen was clamping down on her. Page Six reports in August, “A royal correspondent is claiming journalists are being kept at a distance from Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle during official engagements so that they can’t overhear any remarks that might breach royal protocol.”

So, it appears Meghan has accomplished this pregnancy just in the nick of time. Many people in the United Kingdom, who are true lovers of the royal family, have never warmed up to Meghan Markle. There are Twitter accounts like “Megxit,” a play on the term Brexit. What’s more, Daily Mail, one of Britain’s biggest media outlets, is filled with thousands of comments, which are anti-Meghan Markle.

Meghan Markle has gotten off to a very rocky start with the Queen, who is forever dedicated to serving her people. As this new chapter of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s life begins, let’s hope, for Her Majesty’s sake, Meghan will stay in line. If not, we all know adding an addition to a family only adds stress, as happy as having a baby can be.  Let’s hope the Duchess turns over a new leaf. Luckily for her, Meghan Markle is due in the Spring, and that’s the perfect time for new beginnings.

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