Meghan & Joy Claim Biden Will Beat Trump In 2020, Get Nasty Surprise

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Meghan McCain and Joy Behar were so excited to see Joe Biden is presumably going to run for president in 2020, and Meghan just can’t get enough of her “Uncle Joe.” Neither can Behar, who launched a discussion on The View in which all the co-hosts showered Biden with the highest praise, saying, “He has great character.” They are all convinced he can beat President Donald Trump, but that’s when they got a nasty surprise. Don’t miss this.

Meghan McCain (left), Joy Behar (right) (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

The midterms are almost here, and that signals the unofficial time when the next presidential race begins. Already, Democrats like Kamala Harris and Cory Booker are planning visits to Iowa and New Hampshire, two of the states that make or break candidates in the primary.

Then, there’s Joe Biden, and it’s looking more and more like he really is running in 2020. Biden did an interview with CBS This Morning, which sparked the shrews of The View to launch an entire segment heaping praise on him, and with their stealth political sensibilities, they have already decided that, because of his “great character,” he’ll beat Trump in 2020.

Joy started the segment with a clip of Biden from that CBS interview and then asked the question, “Is he too old?” Biden would be 78 by the January 2021 inauguration. The leftist audience shouted, “No!” And, Meghan went on a rant about how ageism is just a number and her dad was climbing mountains at 81 years old “until he got sick.”

Meghan then brought up the point that Biden’s politics are not far-far-left enough for this new Democratic Party that is seemingly all for socialism. But, make no mistake, she is on board the Biden train — anything to get rid of Trump.

As we have pointed out, the entire table of shrews is 100% anti-Trump. Meghan has issues with Biden’s political views being so different than hers, but she is willing to overlook the politics in favor of Biden simply because, according to her, he has great character.

“But the character of a man…. [matters] so much,” McCain said as Sunny Hostin fully agreed and added that Biden has great character, while big mouth Behar quipped, “Yeah, compared to this one [Trump].”

Then, Meghan told the story of why Joe Biden is so, so great, and why he must be president.

“I just want to say one final thing, ” McCain began. “I’ve only ever seen two politicians do this at this show: I’ve only ever seen two politicians go into the audience and shake hands and hug; my father and Joe Biden. They love people. He loves people. Don’t ever underestimate the power of that when running a campaign.”

Well, Biden’s going to have one huge issue that came up in 2016. As The Washington Times reports, Biden “didn’t earn the moniker Creepy Uncle Joe for nothing. In one video, Biden’s shown on C-SPAN grabbing hold of a little girl’s left arm and whispering uncomfortably close to her ear — so close, in fact, she noticeably squirms and edges slightly away.”

The Washington Times goes on:

In another C-SPAN clip he’s shown standing directly behind another girl, maybe around the age of 13, and placing his hands possessively on her shoulders and playing with her hair. Again, he leans in close for some quick whispers.

In yet another C-SPAN video, Biden physically pulls a young teenage girl in red dress from the midst of what appears to be her parents, and sets her directly by him — where he actually rears his torso directly against the side of her body. She looks uncomfortable, to say the least, especially when he won’t let her go and instead, slides her in front of him and wraps his arm about her waist. Cue creepy whispering — ‘cause yet again, Biden bends to the little girl’s ear.

Then there’s the one of Biden, caught on C-SPAN yet again, of standing behind a little girl who can’t be older than 8 or 9, draping his arm over her shoulder to a crazily low point on her torso. Yes, by all appearances, he’s angling for her chest. When she shifts to the side and gives him a little elbow jab, he tries to go back with the hand, but then settles, a few seconds later, for playing with her hair.

Of course, there are no official allegations against Joe Biden, but these powerful video clips do raise certain questions. These clips just came to light around 2016 when we started to see the videos getting heavily circulated online. So, if he decides to run in 2020, you bet opposition researchers will be all over these hot takes of Biden.

With the Democrats screaming about Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment and the radicalized #MeToo movement, it’s unlikely Creepy Uncle Joe will be able to overcome whatever is going on in these videos. It appears the Democrats will have to move on from Biden, and it will be a bitter pill to swallow for the shrews of The View.

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