Liberals Furious After What Meghan McCain Let Slip During Heated Talk On The View

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Today’s episode of The View is getting more attention than the show has in quite some time — but not for reasons that it’s liberal base is happy about. As it turns out, viewers were left shocked after what Meghan McCain let slip during a heated exchange.

Liberal Viewers Not Happy After What Meghan McCain Let Slip During Heated Talk On The View
Joy Behar (left) and Meghan McCain (right) (Photo Credit: Screenshot/Twitter)

If you don’t want the liberal narrative crammed down your throat, then you should never watch The View. However, things haven’t been going too well for the leftist program these days as they’ve been under heavily criticized. It’s mostly their fault so not too many people feel bad for them.

Take, for instance, the fact that Joy Behar was most recently forced to apologize for saying that Christians, like Vice President Mike Pence, suffer from mental illness. After weeks of attacks and even their advertisers feeling some of the backlash, Behar finally said that she was sorry for her poor word choice.

However, that’s not the only reason that people are talking about today’s episode. Come to find out, the topic of conversation soon switched to Hillary Clinton. Now, for those unaware, Hillary recently told an audience in India that President Donald Trump won because he recruited “backward” voters who “didn’t like black people,” or women, as The Washington Times reports.

Of course, this isn’t true, but that didn’t stop the liberal co-hosts of The View from defending Hillary’s right to make such inflammatory remarks. However, things would take a turn as at least two members of the panel started to attack. Behar said that Hillary had every right to say what she wanted to — but that’s when things got ugly.

In fact, Sarah Haines was the first to voice her frustration, asking “why are we still talking about the campaign?” Saying that Hillary’s book was supposed to help her get over the loss, Sarah then simply stated that Hillary should be looking to the future, not whining about the past.

Behar defended her beloved idol, but things were far from over, according to The Daily Caller. As it turns out, the biggest bomb would be dropped by Meghan McCain who left viewers not too happy after what she let slip during the heated exchange:

“She ran one of the worst campaigns ever,” McCain said. “She didn’t do the ground game in Wisconsin and North Carolina that she should have. I think at this point, if you can’t stop making this about virtue signaling and race. A lot of it was about poverty. A lot of it was about the economy. A lot of it was just this anti-Washington sentiment.. anti-establishment sentiment we should have seen growing with the tea party. She’s blaming married white women…”

Reciting the typical liberal talking points, Behar reiterated that Hillary won the popular vote by 3 million votes. However, that was about the time that McCain dropped a brutal reality check on Behar’s head.

“Is that the commentary of someone who feels good about themselves in their lives and their future,” McCain said. “We had Chelsea Clinton on last week. The Clintons are very omnipresent in politics still right now. If your message is that you want to go back in time, that women can’t speak for themselves, that our husbands and our bosses and our sons tell us what to do – that’s quite the message going forward into midterms and general elections.”

What people like Behar don’t understand is that the elector college is in place for a reason and that it’s been there for quite some time. Hillary knew she needed a strategy to win the electoral college, not the popular vote — and if she didn’t, that’s on her.

Along with that, why would we want two major areas (Los Angeles and New York City) deciding what’s best for the entire country? Anyone still arguing for Hillary is just a moron who is too stupid to understand why she actually lost. It’s really as simple as that at this point.