As Meghan’s Caught Hiding Sick Secret From Harry, She Leaks To Press ‘I’m Pregnant!’

Shocking revelations are coming out of Kensington Palace after Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, showed up at an official royal event wearing a loose-fitting blue dress with ruffles in the front covering her stomach. Now, there’s a media feeding frenzy over the pregnancy rumors with Meghan’s go-to outlets confirming she’s expecting. But, that all came after she was caught hiding a sick secret from Harry. Now, we know the truth. Don’t miss this.

Prince Harry (left), Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex (middle & right) (Photo Credit: DAN CHARITY/AFP/Getty Images, Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images)

Is the Duchess of Sussex pregnant? That is the burning question. After months of speculation that the marriage was on the rocks, is it possible Meghan’s pulled off a pregnancy? Well, one of her favorite go-to outlets called New Idea reported back on September 2nd, she is indeed with child.

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“In very happy news, a Kensington Palace insider has confirmed that the Duchess of Sussex is pregnant and has all but cleared her diary to ensure she rests as much as possible. The news comes after it was revealed that Meghan gave her first major ‘sit-down’ interview since joining the royal family,” reports New Idea.

They add, “However, while everyone is excited for the couple, organizers for Prince Harry’s upcoming Invictus Games are now scrambling to reorganize the event as they expect Meghan’s planned appearance and tour of Australia will be canceled in a matter of weeks.”

Of course, Meghan wearing that ill-fitting blue dress with the front ruffles only fueled the pregnancy rumors. And, those who are seasoned royal watchers know this may very well be an attempt to cover-up a sick secret she has been hiding. In fact, Meghan’s source, who is leaking that she is pregnant, isn’t telling the truth, but she has many people fooled.

“I have a feeling Meghan Markle is pregnant,” wrote one royal baby watcher. Another person noted the 37-year-old’s “glowing” skin and shinier hair. But, a source close to Kensington Palace tells Us Weekly that there is no baby on board for Meghan and Prince Harry.

“Chalk this pregnancy speculation to an unflattering dress and wind,” the insider says. “Meghan and Harry have a busy rest of the year. They are excited to start a family but have always wanted to focus the first year of marriage on their official work and starting to bring awareness to causes close to them. That is their main focus before starting a family.”

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So, why would the former Suits star fan the flames by wearing that dress? Why would she have her sources leak that she’s pregnant? Well, the Duchess is coming off a very turbulent couple weeks, and her marriage is indeed not panning out as she had hoped.

Meghan’s playing a dangerous game. She forbid Harry from going to Balmoral Castle, which is where the Queen spends her summer break. It is a time-honored Royal Family tradition, but Meghan used the ruse that she didn’t want her husband hunting. Palace insiders, however, told Mad World News she knew she’d be put on the hot seat.

Harry also skipped a hunt in December, shortly after he and Meghan announced their engagement, according to The Sun. The decision reportedly “stunned” the royal family, who knows hunting is something Harry loves. What’s more, Meghan continues to break royal protocols, wearing pantsuits and bare legs at official royal events.

The snub is directed at the Queen, which is another reason why the new Duchess begged Harry to skip Balmoral. This doesn’t bode well for Meghan, especially when there are royal rumors that Harry’s losing his patience fast. The Queen held crisis meetings on issues revolving around the Duchess of Sussex, and her courtiers advised Her Majesty to confront Meghan head-on.

The one sick secret the former American actress is allegedly hiding from Harry, however, has to do with her ability to get pregnant. “The Duchess [alledgely] has issues with her fertility, something she denied to Harry before they wed,” the palace source said, adding, “The Queen is most concerned about Harry finding that out from someone else.”

Even though it’s not as important that Prince Harry have children, as it is for Prince William who is second in line to the throne, it is still something Harry personally wanted for his life. He was looking forward to having children. Now that Meghan may indeed be trying to cover-up this sick secret by leaking stories to the press claiming she’s pregnant, we have to say this isn’t going to end well.

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She will have to face the Queen and delaying that meeting only reinforces the fact Meghan’s scared to death of what other secrets Her Majesty may know. The Queen wants her grandson to be happy, but never at the expense of the Monarchy. The crown will always win.

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