Meghan Returns To The View & Trashes Trump Hard, 2008 Video Makes Her Regret It

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Meghan McCain returned to The View this week, and her hatred for President Donald Trump is now completely off the charts. Meghan tearfully thanked her leftist co-hosts, crying, “My dad loved you so much Whoopi!” Meghan now sees herself as the “voice of true conservatism,” and Trump supporters are just lowlifes as far as she is concerned. Well, an old 2008 video resurfaced of The View, and boy does it make Meghan regret she ever opened her big mouth.

Meghan McCain (left) Whoopi Goldberg, Barbara Walters & John McCain on The View in 2008 (right) (Photo Credit: Youtube/Screenshots)

Since when was the Republican Party owned by Meghan McCain? Yeah, we get that her dad died. So what? Americans across the country die every day, but somehow Meghan is mistaking her grief and mixing it with some ridiculous notion that she knows what true patriotism and conservative values look like, and those of us who support President Trump, well we just aren’t good enough for her.

Meghan dramatically said, “The ideals my father espoused through his career, are the ideals of America, And I think there was a lot of talk of what died with him, and I am here today to tell you—it didn’t!” Then, she went on to do her Trump bashing. “He believed when you’re a candidate and someone says something racist at a rally, you push back! That is John McCain!” she said.

Well, maybe she can explain to us Trump supporters when Donald Trump has ever said something purely racist at a rally. Gee, I don’t think she can…but then again John McCain’s hatred of all things Trump must have gotten passed down to Meghan McCain.

Let’s be clear: The View is 100% leftist. There is no conservative at that table. Abby Huntsman agrees with everything Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg say, and now Meghan is doubling down on her own hatred of the president coming off the Trump bash-fest her father’s many funerals did become.

Then, Meghan gets all broken up while crying buckets of tears and says, “My dad loved you, Whoopi, he just loved you…really, really loved you…sorry.” Whoopi looks like she wants to laugh, and she becomes extremely uncomfortable with Meghan saying her father loved her. And we know why.

Well, 10 years ago when John McCain was running for president against Barack Obama, there actually was a voice of reason on The View. Her name was Elizabeth Hasselbeck, and she took on Joy and Whoopi in defending John McCain and Sarah Palin time and time again during the 2008 presidential election.

In fact, in little-seen videos from 2008, Joy slams John McCain saying, “Oh John McCain is apt to fly off the handle at any minute!” Then Whoopi argues for Barack Obama and puts down McCain when co-host Sherri Shephard reminds Hasselbeck, “Well, John McCain was part of the Keating 5,” and Whoopi jumps up and says, “Yep, that’s right!”

When The View hosted John McCain back in 2008, Whoopi asks him if he and the Republicans are going to bring back slavery, and then she acts scared at his answer. In another segment Whoopi and Joy trash McCain over and over as Hasselbeck tries to defend him:

This all amounts to Meghan McCain looking like one huge fool. Her own co-hosts trashed her father almost every day during the 2008 presidential campaign, but now, John McCain really, really loved Whoopi Goldberg. Yeah, I’m sure he saved his dying breath on that.

Meghan McCain’s return to The View was one of the most ridiculous displays of arrogance and self-righteousness I have ever seen. She’s lived this privileged life and now despises middle-class Americans who supported Donald Trump. She thinks her father was this epic statesman.

John McCain was the swamp at it’s worst. He was heavily involved in dirty deals with Ukraine and called his own wife “a c*nt” on the campaign trail. McCain planned to fight on in Iraq for many, many years to come, helping out his millionaire buddies who have lucrative defense contracts.

Real conservatives were disgusted by the lukewarm McCain, who never was a true conservative. So Meghan McCain might want to check herself when she bashes President Trump. And she might want to rethink who are her true friends. Surely, Whoopi and Joy did no favors for John McCain.

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