Megyn Kelly Gets TRUMPED, Replaced With True Conservative As Fox Fans Cheer

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When Megyn Kelly announced her move to NBC, the great debate about who should fill her coveted 9 pm time slot on Fox News began. Now, Fox News has announced who will replace Megyn, whose look changed dramatically as she morphed into a liberal FemiNazi after taking on Donald Trump. Conservatives are going wild as Megyn feels “trumped” again, and you’re going to love it as we expose her failed plan.

Megyn Kelly’s look changed dramatically after she tried to screw Donald Trump during the debate in August 2015.

Looking back over the last 18 months, it’s obvious that Megyn Kelly waged a war against Donald Trump. This was a calculated move on Megyn’s part. She knew her contract was going to be up, so she decided she would make her move and come out as a liberal FemiNazi by trying to screw Trump during that first Republican primary debate in August 2015.

We all remember it. She decided to sensationalize the debate and try to embarrass Trump with her question about calling “women pigs.” Trump hit back, and her moment turned sour. Fox fans and conservatives called her out for her over the top question that had nothing to do with running for president.

From there, she cut her hair and her make-up became very hard. She transformed herself to look like a cold hearted FemiNazi. She banked on Trump losing, and so night after night, she went full-on anti-Trump with low blows and ridiculous guests that had zero credibility.

For her, this would be her resume builder to sell herself off to the highest bidder at one of the loser liberal channels. She also fancies herself a “real journalist,” and she desperately wants to be seen as the new Barabra Walters, but sadly, she screwed herself. She will never be seen as anything but the stupid blond who tried to make her name off of Trump.

Megyn Kelly (left) shocked, fights back tears as Fox News announces Donald Trump just won the presidency. Rising star Tucker Carlson (right) replaces Kelly as Fox’s new prime-time host.

However, she is getting trumped again, and this time, it’s Fox News replacing her with Tucker Carlson. Tucker took over for Greta at the 7 pm time slot two months ago, and his ratings have gone through the roof. Why? Because Tucker takes no prisoners. He has proved he is the real deal and has made headlines over and over in only 8 weeks as he repeatedly beats up liberal nutjobs.

“In less than two months, Tucker has taken cable news by storm with his spirited interviews and consistently strong performance. Viewers have overwhelmingly responded to the show and we look forward to him being a part of Fox News’ powerful primetime line-up.” [via Fox News]

Megyn will ride off and be remembered for trying to tell Newt Gingrich that Trump was a sexual predator, then telling Newt that he was nuts if he thinks Trump would win Pennslyvania. Her arrogant attitude during that moment, as seen in the beginning of the video below, is matched only by the end of the video, when it’s election night and she cries as it’s announced Trump won Pennslyvania and will be the 45th President of the United States.

Her plan failed. Trump won, and he won Pennslyvania, something she had scoffed at just a few days before. That moment was the beginning of the end of Megyn Kelly’s career. She’ll move to NBC, but she will never again rise to the level of ratings she saw at Fox News.

She’s just a blip now, that arrogant blond who was replaced by a true conservative. She’ll end up with unsold boxes of her book called “Settle For More.” Poor Megyn, she settled for less and sold her soul as she chased a deluded dream, believing that she was irreplaceable and that pushing liberal propaganda would benefit her career. She picked the wrong time to switch sides, and she’s getting what she deserves.

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