As Melania’s Floral Gown Wows Crowd, Liberals Furious Over What Slips Out From Under Dress

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With President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump touring Asia at the moment, they’re getting less negative press coverage than normal. Unfortunately, the left is still doing their best to paint the Trumps in a negative light and took to Melania’s stunning Asian floral gown to do it. As it turns out, while the crowd was wowed by her floral gown, liberals were left downright furious after seeing what slipped out from underneath.

Melania’s Floral Gown Wows Crowd, Liberals Furious Over What Slips Out From Under Dress
Melania Trump (Photo Credit: JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)

Melania knows her stuff when it comes to fashion, considering she’s been in the industry for the majority of her life. When it comes to which woman would bring the most class to our White House, between her or Hillary Clinton, Melania is the obvious choice.

In fact, she regularly shows off her elegance, despite the left’s constant attacks in a desperate attempt to make her look bad. Take, for instance, the time she went to visit Texas after Hurricane Harvey and was spotted wearing heels while departing the White House on her way to board Air Force One in Washington, D.C., and liberals everywhere bombarded her for her footwear choice.

Of course, when she deplaned, she was in much more appropriate apparel for a place just ravaged by a hurricane as many photos emerged of her in practical white sneakers. Even better yet, it seems that even though she was just wearing casual footwear, she still rocked the outfit nonetheless.

Unfortunately, it seems that the left isn’t quite over their little temper tantrum involving Melania’s clothing choices as it may have just been reignited yet again. While in China with her husband, Melania recently decided to wear what many are calling an absolutely stunning Asian-themed dress to express her love for their culture — but that’s not what immature liberals decided to point out.

The left just can’t help making fools of themselves as they’ve yet again decided to attack her over what she’s wearing. First came the small digs about her gown in general and things like “cultural appropriation,” and that’s about the time that someone saw what had slipped out from underneath her dress.

Melania’s Floral Gown Wows Crowd, Liberals Furious Over What Slips Out From Under Dress
Melania Trump (Photo Credit: JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)

Reporting on her trip, BizPac Review stated, “She spent time at the Banchang Primary School and showed her humility by sharing art tips with young children,” adding, “And she also shared her knowledge of the world of fashion,” which they say, “That’s obviously something she knows a little about,” before drawing attention to her footwear.

“Check out these pumps,” the outlet reported, describing them with just one word: “Knockouts.” Of course, not everyone was so impressed.

For reasons we don’t understand, the left has this deep hatred for anything Melania wears, and for some reason, it’s her high heels that really seems to get to them. They couldn’t stand the fact that she chose to wear them while heading to Texas, they’ve commented on them a few times during occasions since then, and, yet again, they’re whining about them now.

At the end of the day, what Melania Trump wears is really none of the public’s business. I mean, she was wearing high heels before half the people complaining were even out of diapers, and she’ll continue doing it a long time after she’s out of the White House – and why shouldn’t she? She looks great.

Perhaps it’s just jealousy or maybe it’s just their biased and ill-founded hatred shining through, but one thing is for sure – the left has never in history been as petty as they are right now. If they really had something legitimate to complain about, it’d be wise of them to bring it up because, at this point, it looks like they’re just trying to find a reason to attack.

Too bad for them, that tactic doesn’t look good coming from anyone and will only further render them irrelevant as time goes on. Have they not heard of the boy who cried wolf? After all, people will be so sick of their complaining that they won’t even listen to them when they find something that may actually warrant a conversation. In the meantime, they’re going to continue being miserable for no good reason and Melania is going to keep sticking it to her haters — and she looks good doing it.