Melania Gets Last Laugh After Idiot Model’s Degrading Impersonation

Gig Hadid (left) pouts her lips in her impersonation of Melania Trump (right), who is now getting the last laugh.

The hypocrisy of liberals was on parade last night at the American Music Awards, and the female host, some idiot model with zero talent, degraded our soon-to-be First Lady Melania Trump. The double standard in Hollywood is astounding as no celebrity would ever make fun of their beloved Michelle Obama. However, Melania is getting the last laugh, and you’re going to love this.

First, we had the stunt at the Broadway play “Hamilton” with VP-elect Mike Pence, and then, 48 hours later, we have this idiot model at the American Music Awards going after our new First Lady Melania Trump, proving the celebrity crowd is a bunch of sore losers.

Gigi Hadid hosted the American Music Awards, and in the opening act, she decided that was the appropriate time to do a bad impersonation of Melania Trump. Hadid started her act by saying she had been practicing all weekend and then said, “Wait, I gotta get the face right” as she pouted her lips.

She went into a horrible dialect that was supposed to be an Eastern European accent and said, “I love my husband Barack and my kids Sasha and Malia.” It’s ironic that she chose to make fun of an immigrant’s accent. Isn’t that what the leftist losers frown on?

Melania & Donald Trump at White House (left), Melania (right) can throw some shade at Gigi Hadid after her bad impersonation angered many Americans.

Many picked up on that and gave Hadid a dose of instant justice, telling her she is a racist — a little reverse political correctness coming from conservatives aimed at Gigi Hadid, a hypocritical waif. The reaction by Americans on social media was immediate and harsh:

People are laughing at Hadid over her pretending that she had to “get the face right.” It’s Hadid who goes around with a perpetual huge pout on her face. It’s her look, not Melania’s. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. I predict Hadid’s career of being a Maybelline cover girl is over.

Images of Gigi Hadid’s “pout” from personal photos on her Instagram.

Melania Trump is most definitely getting the last laugh. The overwhelming judgment on Hadid is all negative. She is a model, as is Melania, but Melania speaks five different languages and is going to be First Lady, something this new Hollywood “it” girl will never become.

Melania Trump does not seek the spotlight. She sees her role as being a good mom and supportive wife. This dig at her at the American Music Awards by the liberal losers did not go unnoticed, and Gigi Hadid better hope that she can do more than just pout her lips for a living since that career path may be over.

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