Melania Joins Trump At Super Bowl Party, Viewers Can’t Quit Talking About What She Did

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Despite the political controversy surrounding the National Football League, millions of people tuned in to watch Super Bowl LII. In fact, President Donald Trump hosted his own Super Bowl party in Florida, but it’s not the big game viewers can’t quit talking about — it’s what they saw Melania doing moments before the game.

Melania Joins Trump At Super Bowl Party, Viewers Stunned Over What They Caught Her Doing
President Donald Trump and Melania moments before attending their Super Bowl party (Photo Credit: Screengrab/YouTube)

People across the nation tuned in to watch the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots fight for the title of Super Bowl Champions. As America prepared for the upcoming nail-biter of a game, President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump arrived at their own Super Bowl party in Palm Beach, Florida, and it didn’t take long for Melania to grab the attention of viewers.

Moments before the game, President Trump and First Lady Melania kicked off their own Super Bowl LII party by watching the Florida Atlantic University Marching Band play at Trump International Golf Club, as Mad World News previously reported. As the First Couple looked on in awe of the young talent in front of them, many viewers couldn’t help but stare at the First Lady. In fact, people were instantly left stunned after seeing how boldly Melania was showing her patriotism.

“First Lady Melania Trump wore her patriotism on her sleeve in a varsity jacket with electric blue stilettos as she attended a Super Bowl LII party in Palm Beach, Florida at Mar-a-Lago with President Donald Trump,” according to Breitbart.

The red, white, and blue jacket was a subtle nod to the team she favored to win the game, the New England Patriots. However, the AMIRI bomber jacket, which was also trimmed with red leather also complimented the fact that the First Lady is a diehard fan of America.

Melania looked gorgeous as she paired the varsity jacket with J Brand white skinny jeans, and in classic Melania fashion, she chose a pair of blue Christian Louboutins heels to complete the look.

Several social media users couldn’t help but comment on Melania’s choice of attire. “Melania I loved your #SuperBowl Lii party outfit and I’ll gladly take any diet, exercise or style advucevour (sic) #Stunning @flotus has to share. Thank you for your daily grace and style. God bless,” one social media user tweeted.

“Melania channels Sporty Spice,” another social media user joked.

“Melania arrives with POTUS to Super Bowl party in red, white and blue…looking beautiful and radiant as always,” another social media user tweeted.

Another Twitter user added, “WE ARE SO PROUD OF OUR FIRST LADY. She is a role model for young girls. Melania Trump’s no frills Super Bowl outfit speaks volumes.”

Although they were both clearly rooting for the New England Patriots, President Trump and the First Lady were still proud of the Philadelphia Eagles for their exciting victory. It was a good game all the way up until the final minute. In fact, once the game concluded, President Donald Trump even tweeted, “Congratulations to the Philadelphia Eagles on a great Super Bowl victory!”

It’s amazing to have a President and First Lady who are proud of their country. Melania has shown several times how dedicated she is to America — and not just through her outfits. There weren’t many instances where Michelle Obama was caught showing pride for her country — or for anyone other than herself, really — so the fact the Melania has embraced her role as our nation’s First Lady is truly inspiring.

It’s going to be a great few years while the Trumps are leading the nation, and hopefully, with a little bit of influence from God, not only will President Donald Trump get a second term but our nation will truly become great again under his leadership.