Melania & Kellyanne Blow-Up Michelle Obama’s Legacy In One Classy Move

Melania Trump Easter 2017 at White House (left), Michelle Obama Easter White House 2016 (middle), Kellyanne Conway (right)

Melania Trump and Kellyanne Conway put Michelle Obama to shame over the weekend. The First Lady and President Trump’s Senior Adviser did a special deed for the Easter festivities that no one in the mainstream media will report on. In one classy move, Melania and Kelleyanne did something that Michelle would never do while she was First Lady.

One excited teen, Kade Friedlander, was at the White House Easter Egg Roll on Monday. Kade was on special assignment for Time Magazine For Kids, and he was scheduled to meet with Press Secretary Sean Spicer. The 14-year-old boy got the attention of Time Magazine for his volunteer work with kids living in poverty. Kade himself can relate; he lives with his single mom who grew up poor.

“His editors had prepared him in advance to speak with Spicer, President Donald Trump’s embattled press secretary,” reports Bethesda Magazine. What Kade never saw coming was the kindness of the First Lady and Kellyanne Conway.

What Kade wasn’t anticipating were the interviews with Trump [Senior Adviser] Kellyanne Conway and First Lady Melania Trump. “It was unbelievable,” Kade said. “You felt like they were people who, if you met them on the street, you could hold a conversation with them.” [Source: Bethesda Magazine]

After arriving at the White House around 6:20 a.m., a staffer casually informed Kade that he’d also be meeting the First Lady. “I was like … Wait. Backtrack a little bit,” Kade said. Fortunately, Kade got himself together.

Kade Friedlander with First Lady Melania Trump (left), Kade Friedlander with Sean Spicer (right) (Photo credit: Tracey Friedlander)

He had his cell phone at the ready for some last-minute internet research on Melania Trump, he said. The only media outlet that picked up on Kade’s interviews is his hometown publication, Bethesda Magazine. They reported, “He chatted with Spicer about the history of the Easter Egg Roll and questioned Melania Trump about her cyberbullying initiatives and what she thought of being First Lady.”

His mom, Tracey, was snapping pictures and couldn’t believe the First Lady wanted to take time on this very busy day to meet a 14-year-old boy with zero press coverage. “It was nice to really see him rise to the occasion. He went from being a little nervous in that press room to being extraordinarily comfortable [with the First Lady],” Kade’s mother said. Kade was so blown away by the experience, he wants to be a journalist now.

Then, he spotted Kellyanne Conway, and he got the nerve to approach her. She was more than welcoming. Again, with no cameras or any mainstream media and only Kade’s mom paying attention, Kellyanne took the time to let this teen boy interview her. This is what people of character do when not in the limelight, and it blows away Michelle Obama’s legacy.

Kade Friedlander with Kelleyanne Conway (Photo credit: Tracey Friedlander)

What Melania Trump and Kellyanne Conway did is pure Christian charity. No, it’s not a huge thing, but it’s more than telling when you contrast it with Michelle Obama’s celebrity fests. Michelle doesn’t do anything unless she is going to get something out of it, and can you imagine what she would have done if bothered by a teen boy who wanted an unscheduled interview and no press to cover it to make her look like a saint?

She would have been pissed anyone asked her to do it. She would have snapped their head off for even thinking something so stupid, wasting her time like that. It’s what we do as human beings when no one is watching, how we treat others when we get nothing in return, that makes the person. It comes from a Christian ethic that Michelle Obama just never had.

It’s exactly what Melania Trump has proven she has. She didn’t grow up rich or entitled. She has a true kindness to her that blows away the sick hedonistic culture of Hollywood that the White House became under Michelle Obama. God Bless our First Lady, bringing our American-Christian traditions back to the White House. Sometimes the smallest of things have the biggest impact in the lives of others.

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