Melania Returns To White House After Asia Trip, STUNNING Offer From South Korea Awaits Her

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President Donald Trump will be returning home today from his nearly two-week trip through Asia, in which he visited five nations and attended the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Da Nang, Vietnam. First Lady Melania Trump accompanied her husband for most of his journey, but she stayed behind in China to visit The Great Wall and see the world-renowned zoo. When she finally returned home to the White House earlier this week, a stunning offer from South Korea awaited her.

First Lady Melania Trump in South Korea (Photo Source: JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)

While the first lady served as her husband’s loyal companion and diplomatic partner on the first three legs of his overseas trip, she stayed behind after the couple traveled to China. President Trump said that Melania would be “staying behind” in China “to see the zoo” and tour The Great Wall while he traveled to Vietnam. Then, Melania flew to Alaska to greet U.S. troops that are stationed there.

The first lady has since returned to the White House following her whirlwind journey throughout Asia, where accolades were bestowed upon her and the president, the likes of which we have never seen. For example, while in China, the pair were invited to dine inside the Forbidden City with Chinese President Xi Jinping and his wife, an honor no other U.S. president and first lady have ever received, according to CNN.

Indeed, it seems that Melania Trump made a big impression during her trip. That much was confirmed when she arrived back at the White House to find a stunning offer from South Korea awaiting her. Apparently, she was so beloved by the people there that South Korean diplomats feel she would perfectly represent the U.S. at the upcoming Winter Games.

Upon returning stateside, Melania got news that the South Korean organizing committee for the Winter Olympic Games is hoping that she and Ivanka will be chosen to lead the U.S. presidential delegation to Pyeongchang.

Although the media never reported as much, we have now learned that the South Korean committee members met with Melania early on in her tour throughout Asia, and they immediately felt that she would be a great representation for the Olympic Winter Games. The president and CEO of the Pyeongchang organizing committee, Lee Hee-beom, is very hopeful that both the first lady and first daughter will be in attendance at the major worldwide event.

“We want as many high-ranking officials as possible, as it would be very significant and very meaningful for us,” remarked Lee Hee-beom. “It would be an honor for us to have the First Lady and the First Daughter, Ivanka. Hopefully, they can participate. It would very meaningful for us to have them,” he added.

Of course, it goes without saying that Melania’s predecessor never made such a good impression on her own overseas trips. In fact, Michelle Obama’s reputation as a classless freeloader led many to surmise that her jet-setting amounted to little more than taxpayer-funded vacations which lasted for eight excruciating years. Thankfully, the days of Michelle’s mooching are over. We now have a first lady with more grace and tact in her little finger than Michelle Obama possessed in her entire selfish being.

Ultimately, the decision regarding whether or not to send Melania and Ivanka Trump to South Korea to represent the U.S. at the Winter Games will be made by President Donald Trump. Hopefully, he answers South Korea with a resounding “YES”!

It’s difficult to imagine a more dynamic duo than Melania and Ivanka Trump. These two intelligent, successful, and beautiful women would be the perfect ladies to represent our country at the Winter Games!

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