Melania Refuses To Move To White House Until 1 Thing Is Done, Libs Outraged

Melania Refuses To Move To White House Until 1 Thing Is Done, Libs Outraged
Trump Tower in NYC, where the Trumps currently live (left), Melania Trump in NYC (right)

The country is just two months away from Donald Trump being sworn into office, and a lot of preparations are underway in the meantime to get the Obamas out and Trumps in. However, Melania Trump won’t be calling the White House home until one important thing is done, which is making Obama-loving liberals irate.

New York Post was first to break the news that when Trump takes his place in the Oval Office after Inauguration Day on January 20, he won’t be bringing his wife Melania and their 10-year-old son Barron Trump with him. This is an unusual move for the future First Lady, as others before her have not made the same decision in the transition.

There’s a good reason for why she’s waiting a while, which conservatives can certainly appreciate, but it has given liberals another reason to be irate about the Trumps taking over. Months of campaigning can certainly take a toll on the candidate’s family, especially on young children. This was the case for fourth-grader Barron, who has been through a lot in his ten years, and his mother is extremely concerned about it.

According to New York Post, a source close to Trump’s transition team said, “Melania is very supportive of her husband and is fully on board of doing everything that’s needed as first lady.” However, she’s a mother first and makes her child a priority. This is why she’ll be staying in New York at the Trump Tower until he finishes school as to make the transition as non-disruptive as possible for him. However, Trump-haters aren’t having it for one disgusting reason.

Melania Refuses To Move To White House Until 1 Thing Is Done, Libs Outraged
Melania Trump with son Barron Trump doing her daily school duty

Rather than seeing this decision as a sign of excellent parenting and appreciating the fact that this woman doesn’t rely on nannies to raise her kid — she’s reportedly very hands-on and even takes him to school herself — liberals saw a big problem in it. Secret Service will secure the Trump Tower like the White House to protect this mother and her son and will do daily sweeps of Barron’s school in addition to having his own team of security since we’ve all seen how rabid anti-Trumpers can be.

This is customary for every First Family. Obama-lovers didn’t have a problem with taxpayer funds being used for their many vacations and other frivolities, but they are throwing a fit about securing this woman and child at home and school in New York. It’s apparently an egregious use of funds — if you ask a liberal.

“It probably costs $1 million per day to protect that building. Plus it’s creating havoc in NYC due to traffic,” one incensed man commented on the Post’s article on Facebook. “Barron getting to stay in his school is not more important than people being able to get to work on time. He is putting himself before America. It’s only just the beginning.”

It’s comical that not one of these people complained about the Obamas who drained funds for things of zero importance. Barron is simply finishing the school year. The Trumps are paying the $40,000 tuition there and are not taking a presidential salary. If they take a vacation, it will be paid for by them, and security would be covered as part of the job no matter where they live anyway.

It’s refreshing to see a First Lady making excellent decisions on behalf of her child. Without realizing it, she’s already established her first platform — bringing back good parenting by being an example of it.