Melania Gets Sweet Revenge As Michelle Frantically Deletes Sick Tweet

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Melania Trump (left) Michelle Obama (right)

Michelle Obama is reeling after she sent out a tweet that no one was supposed to see. Thanks to quick responses from certain individuals, Michelle’s tweet was not deleted forever as she had hoped, and it’s causing her a massive problem. It all started when Melania Trump grabbed positive headlines for the one thing usually reserved only for Michelle, and you’ll love how the First Lady is getting sweet revenge as Michelle utterly humiliates herself.

All the drama started when First Lady Melania Trump wore a fabulous yellow dress while attending the American-Australia gala onboard the USS Intrepid stationed in New York harbor. Ever since Melania became First Lady, the exclusive fashion world has closed its doors to her. Immediately, the most famous designers shunned her almost as if they were under orders from the haughty celebrities who are devoted to the Obamas and Clintons.

Michelle Obama loved the limelight of the fashion world while she was First Lady, and they showered her with praise. They also fawned over her like she was a supermodel and put her on the cover of every major magazine. Even the biggest magazine for couture, Vogue, sucked up to Michelle, and in turn, she was given several spreads inside the magazine.

Well, that all changed with the yellow dress Melania wore. All of a sudden, the fashion world turned on Michelle, and they could no longer ignore the real woman of class and beauty. Melania’s yellow dress by Dior grabbed all the major headlines, and those headlines were blaring at Michelle, saying, “you’re history.”

Daily Mail’s headline, “Golden girl! Melania glows in Australia’s national color as her husband makes a triumphant return to New York for dinner.” Hollywood Life said, “Melania Trump made quite a statement at the 75th Anniversary Battle of the Coral Sea Dinner in NYC,” and even Vogue couldn’t help but notice. With their headline reading, “Melania Trump Wears Christian Dior to Meet the Australian Prime Minister in New York,” they go on to describe her perfect fashion sense.

President Donald Trump with First Lady Melania Trump in yellow Dior dress.

Within a few hours, a strange tweet was posted by Michelle, a phone number. With most cell phones, it looks like Michelle was trying to call this number, but instead, she tweeted it out. Whose number was it? None other than a famous photographer who had worked for the Obamas in the past, Duncan Wolfe.

“Former first lady Michelle Obama tweeted out a 10-digit number on Friday at 12:23 p.m. EST. Her tweet was quickly deleted with no explanation as to what it was or what it could possibly mean. The world was left with more questions than answers,” reports Huffington Post, the liberal Obama-loving media outlet.

They go on, “One initial concern was that the former FLOTUS had tweeted out her own cell phone number. So, of course, we wasted no time calling her! Instead of Michelle, we got an inactive voicemail response for one Duncan Wolfe.”

Michelle Obama tweets out Duncan Wolfe’s phone number. This caused Wolfe so much harassment, sources say he’s had to turn it off for good.

So, could these two events be related? Was Michelle so upset that she no longer enjoys the fawning fashion world’s favor and that they are gushing praise on Melania that she tried to call Duncan Wolfe to set up a photo shoot to make her big comeback? It’s a distinct possibility since the Obamas are gunning to take out the Trumps and Wolfe’s job was all propaganda pictures and videos – a job they created that had never existed before.

“Wolfe was one of 20 staffers housed in the White House’s Office of Digital Strategy, a department that — it must be noted — did not exist until the Obama administration,” reports Chicago Business Journal. Leave it to the Obamas to create an official propaganda staff that runs around taking pics and videos of them that they transform into a fake narrative, then sell to the American people. That’s what Duncan Wolfe does and that’s who Michelle was trying to contact.

One thing is clear, Melania Trump got sweet revenge not only on the fashion snobs, the designers, and magazines, but it seems she may have sent Michelle Obama into a tailspin, calling on the man who can airbrush and photoshop pics to get her back into the “couture” headlines. First Lady Melania never needed the approval of the fashion elite; she exudes a rare classiness comparable only to Jackie Kennedy, and no propaganda pics Michelle may conjure up will ever change that.

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