Melania Has One Thing To Say To Valerie Jarrett After She Blasts Trump’s White House

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Melania Trump (right), Valerie Jarrett (right)

Barack and Michelle Obama’s right-hand woman, Valerie Jarrett, who introduced the young Illinois senator to the right people to fund his rise to power, is back, and she’s blasting the Trump White House. Most know Jarrett as the one person who covered up Obama’s crimes, from Benghazi to the Iran Deal. Well, Melania Trump has one thing to say about bashing her tenure in the White House, and she makes Jarrett look like a jealous shrew. You’ll love this.

We’ve had to endure the Obamas shadowing the Trumps in the last few weeks, and now, we have Barack Obama’s Senior Adviser, Valerie Jarrett, grabbing headlines by bashing the Trumps. Jarrett moved in with the Obamas, and she is the puppeteer, telling them what to do as they continue their sick agenda against President Donald Trump.

CNN New Day co-host Alisyn Camerota interviewed Valerie Jarrett. Camerota’s first question was a tough one: “So, what is it like for you and President Obama to watch the Trump administration unfold?”Jarrett lied through her teeth, saying, “[The Trumps have had] a devastating impact on the American people.”

Jarrett went on to lay it on thick, claiming, “President Obama and Michelle were moving our country forward in a range of different ways. Improving our economy, providing health care, ensuring our safety here in the United States is a top priority.”

Jarrett’s message was loud and clear. She wants everyone to believe that Donald and Melania Trump aren’t doing a good job. In fact, to Jarrett, they are having a “devastating impact on the American people.” She’s not alone, femi-Nazis have blasted Melania Trump for not acting like a second president like Michelle and Hillary Clinton did.

Here’s what Melania Trump has to say about Jarrett’s put down, and she says it with her actions since actions speak louder than words. Melania Trump has no delusions about being a power broker in Washington, D.C. She has brought class back to the White House, and she is most compared with the most loved First Lady ever, Jackie Kennedy.

Jackie Kennedy (left), Melania Trump (right)

Jackie Kennedy is ranked as number one on the list of the “most loved American First Ladies,” and Melania Trump is following in her footsteps. So right there, Melania is bringing something back to the White House that neither Michelle or Hillary ever could accomplish.

Cosmopolitan Magazine made the comparison with Jackie Kennedy, saying that Melania has that special beauty and elegance that hasn’t been seen since Kennedy was in office. Like Jackie, Melania speaks foreign languages and is Catholic. She also made her mark on the president’s first foreign trip, where she was given the highest marks by the European press.

Jackie Kennedy’s first foreign trip was in 1961 when she and President Kennedy traveled to Paris. With his wife speaking French and the press glued to her, President Kennedy famously said, “I do not think it altogether inappropriate to introduce myself. I am the man who accompanied Jacqueline Kennedy to Paris,” something that Donald Trump must have been thinking with Melania on his arm in Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Rome.

First Lady Jackie Kennedy with French President Charles De Gaulle at Versailles 1961 (left), First Lady Melania Trump with Saudi King Salman 2017 (right)

In an interview with Parenting magazine, Melania said, “I am a full-time mom; that is my first job. The most important job ever.” It is not far from Jackie’s declaration: “If you bungle raising your children, I don’t think whatever else you do well matters very much.”

Melania told the press, in 1999, when Trump was considering running as a reformed candidate, she would want to be a “very traditional” first lady, like Jackie or Betty Ford. That is exactly why the femi-Nazis who idolize Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton hate Melania Trump; she chooses to be a traditional First Lady. This is also what pisses off Valerie Jarrett.

Melania Trump says volumes with her actions. She has been very active visiting hospitals, and that’s not always publicized. Americans are once again proud of our First Lady and, of course, her husband, our president, Donald Trump. Let Valerie Jarrett ponder that next time she wants to talk trash. Patriots are overjoyed that Michelle is gone and Melania is moving into the White House this weekend, just in time for the President’s 70th birthday, on June 14th.

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