Melania Trump Boldly Tells Husband’s Accusers What To Do With Allegations

The mainstream media has given a platform to any woman from Donald Trump’s past to levy any allegation they wish against the Republican presidential candidate without evidence, proof, or even probability. While many claims have already been debunked, the planned attack continues. Now, Melania has broken her silence to tell her husband’s accusers exactly what they can do with their allegations.

The liberal, leftist lapdog media has been on the warpath, attempting to discredit Trump’s character by using any woman they can find who will allege that he wronged them sexually, regardless of the lack of evidence to support their claims. In fact, they have actually been outed for running stories that had blatant lies and obvious holes in the claims, but they didn’t seem to care.

For instance, Jessica Leeds claimed that Trump raised an armrest to molest her on a plane decades ago. However, the armrests were fixed, meaning they weren’t able to be raised. Another accuser, Mindy McGillivray, accused Trump of nudging or grabbing her behind at a Ray Charles concert on January 24, 2003, at Mar-a-Lago, when Ray Charles didn’t even have a concert there in January of 2003. Unfortunately, facts and witness credibility don’t seem to matter when the media is on a witch hunt.

One can only imagine the toll this is taking on the brilliant and beautiful wife of the man having such heinous accusations made against him. While the liberal press is keeping the accusers in the spotlight, even after their allegations are proven fraudulent, Fox and Friends gave Melania Trump a chance to break her silence, and the poised and classy wife of The Donald told his accusers exactly where they can put their accusations.

Speaking in an interview that aired this morning, Ainsley Earhardt asked Melania about her husband’s accusers, who all happened to come forward this week — after many years and even decades of silence for some. Explaining that the allegations are not true but that she wasn’t completely surprised because it was a planned attack just three weeks before the election, Melania told her husband’s accusers that they should take their allegations to court, and for good reason.

All the allegations should be handled in a court of law,” Melania boldly declared. Showing her confidence in her husband’s innocence, she added, “And without the evidence to accuse somebody … it’s damaging and it’s unfair … They want to damage the presidency of my husband. It was all planned. All organized.”

What these accusers are doing should not receive our applause or empathy. Not a single one has ever filed charges against Donald Trump for the alleged abuse they endured. The same can’t be said for Bill Clinton, who paid $850,000 to settle a case against him for allegedly exposing his genitals to Paula Jones in a hotel.


None of Trump’s accusers have sought justice, but instead only seek to trash him with alleged accusations of sexual misconduct without giving him the appropriate opportunity to defend himself against his accusers in a court of law. This is one of many reasons their integrity and truthfulness are rightfully called into question, which is damaging for those who have legitimately suffered sexual abuse.

Trump is and has been a billionaire for a long time. If any of these allegations were true, many believe these women would have sued, extorted, or blackmailed him a long time ago for big money. It’s extremely too convenient that only weeks before the election they all crawl out of the woodwork as Trump’s support increased, not coming forward when it happened.

The allegations only began after a tape was leaked, which liberals and the mainstream media said contained snippets of Trump “bragging” about “sexually assaulting” women, completely ignoring the fact that he actually said, “When you are a star, they let you do it,” after talking about kissing and touching women intimately. When the masses didn’t react to the media’s manipulation of his words the way liberals had hoped, numerous women seemed to suddenly manifest out of thin air with allegations of sexual misconduct. Instead of seeking law enforcement, they sought publicity.

America’s not falling for it. Take it to court ladies and let this man rightfully defend himself against his accusers or sit down and shut up. It’s that simple.

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