[VIDEO] Melania Trump SHUTS DOWN The Leftist Media With These 4 Words

Since Donald Trump started his presidential campaign, he’s brought off limit topics to the forefront. The mainstream media has done its best to discredit him, as liberals cheer. Recently, Trump’s wife Melania told the lapdogs where to go as she gave a rare interview and silenced the mainstream media with only four words.

Mika Brzezinski (right) interviews Melania Trump (left)

Appearing on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Melania Trump sat down for an interview with Mika Brzezinski. Mika hit Melania with hard issues, as the left continues to try to trap the Trump campaign into an embarrassing moment.

Mika listed for Melania some unflattering names the media calls Trump, such as racist, xenophobic, stupid, and the list went on. Melania was cool and did not react, saying, “It’s normal that would come up, we are prepared for that, we have thick skin.”

Melania didn’t flinch and came off as an intelligent, strong woman, who said she doesn’t always agree with Donald. That was a smart move, which showed Melania as a real women and not just a pretty face. Melania also downplayed her fluency in many languages, saying, “I speak a few,” when in fact she is fluent in five: English, German, Italian, Slovenia, and French. But the best part of the interview was yet to come.

Melania — who hails from Slovenia and studied architecture and design — said her husband was bashed for weeks after he announced his campaign for president, but many in politics and the punditry world eventually acknowledge he was right. She added that he had opened up a conversation that nobody else was willing to engage in. Polls have since shown that the issue of illegal immigration is a top concern for many Republican voters.

Brzezinski then asked, “You’re an immigrant. Do you ever think he’s gone too far?” Melania’s said she supported Donald’s views, then summed up all the hoops she had to jump through in order to be a legal immigrant — her four-word response was the real zinger of the interview: “I followed the law.” — via Tea Party News Network

The video below covers a lot of territory, but for the immigration discussion go to the 2:55 mark. Melania’s four word response, “I followed the law,” silences the entire argument on immigration.

Melania Trump would be a breath of fresh air from the First Lady presently occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Melania handles herself with class, unlike Michelle Obama, who is a narcissist who hates America.

Melania Trump wishes to stay out of the limelight, stating she is a mother and concentrating on raising her young son, Barron. Melania’s rare interview on MSNBC did show that she would make a great addition as First Lady, someone Americans could be proud of.

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