Melania Has 7 Words For Vipers Who Ripped Barron Apart Over What He Wore & Carried

President Donald Trump & Melania deplane with son Barron, who is wearing a t-shirt and holding a toy that caused the liberal vipers to rip him apart. Patriotic Americans, along with the First Lady, quickly set them straight.

The sick liberals in the mainstream media couldn’t help themselves as they watched a very happy Melania and Barron Trump deplane at Andrews Air Force Base. The First Lady and the president’s youngest son were making the big move to the White House, and all the liberal vipers could do is make fun of an 11-year-old boy. You don’t want to miss Melania’s great 7-word comeback as patriots across the country also weighed in.

Melania and Barron were on Air Force One with Melania’s parents and President Trump, heading to Washington, D.C., and all were smiling with excitement. Barron was especially excited to move in with his dad after 5 long months of living apart. So, it was really a punk move by the liberal media when they started the sick comments about Barron’s t-shirt that read, “The expert,” and the “fidget spinner” he was playing with as he deplaned.

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Phillip Bump is a Washinton Post reporter, and his only comment is Barron’s holding a fidget spinner. He was one of many mainstream reporters who focused solely on Barron, making Americans wonder what is wrong with these people. Can they not report on a happy Trump story or do they have to constantly act like mean girls, making fun of a kid?

Biz Pac Review reports, “As Barron stepped foot in Washington, D.C., it’s almost like he stepped into a viper’s nest. Not only did his shirt prove to be too enticing for haters, but the fidget spinner all but sealed the deal. In the spirit of disturbed ‘comedian’ Kathy Griffin, sufferers of Trump Derangement Syndrome could not leave well enough alone, seizing on the opportunity to ridicule the moment.”

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Patriots across the country are sick and tired of the idiots who have not one iota of class as they pick on a kid to make a political point. As Biz Pac Review reports, “Turns out, young Barron not only dressed like a typical 11-year-old, rocking a t-shirt emblazoned with the phrase ‘The Expert,’ he even brought along a fidget spinner, the latest toy fad kids can’t seem to get enough of.” Barron Trump doesn’t deserve the hate, especially over this nonsense.

There were many more ridiculous tweets aimed at Barron, but we think you get the idea. So did the First Lady who remained out of the gutter but got her point across. “Looking forward to the memories we’ll make in our new home,” tweeted the First Lady. That’s right, to all those haters, the Trumps’ new home is the White House, so suck it up buttercups, that was the message from many Trump supporters.

Melania’s parents, Viktor and Amalija Knavs, who now both live in the US but return to their home country of Slovenia every year, also joined the Trumps as they walked toward the White House. So, this was a big family day, and despite the haters, way more Americans wished them well, like Brunell Donald-Kyei, Vice-Chair of Diversity Outreach for the National Diversity Coalition for Trump. Brunell was a real hero during the campaign, defending candidate Trump as she blasted the losers on MSNBC and CNN, regularly.

Just once, we’d love to see the media get a story about the Trumps right. Not everything that goes on during the presidency warrants gutless remarks and hate, but these vipers are not like anything we have ever seen. Liberals are scared of Melania’s presence because she is well-loved internationally and she brings class back into a White House. After eight years of the Obamas going low, we now prove we are the ones who are going high.

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They should be scared, Melania and Barron bring the stability of a family life for the president, and Americans know what makes this country great are strong family values. Strong American families united in one common purpose, to make America great again, is our duty and our message, and there is nothing they can do to stop us now.

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