Everyone Is Talking About What Melania Wore To Arlington — LOOK CLOSELY

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Everyone is talking about what Melania Trump wore to Arlington Cemetery.

Melania Trump didn’t even make it to her initial day as First Lady without becoming the subject of intense scrutiny on social media. On Thursday, she landed in Washington, D.C. at noon, along with her husband, their son Barron, and extended family. However, it didn’t take long for petty liberals to find something to fault her for as everyone started talking about what she wore.

By the time Melania had reached Arlington National Cemetery to watch as the president-elect reverently laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Twitter was bursting at the seams with criticism for the incoming First Lady.

What could the left possibly have found so offensive about Melania Trump? Her large Gucci sunglasses have gotten their panties all in a wad… feel free to let the eye-rolling begin, because it’s utterly ridiculous.

Thankfully, there were a few well-informed conservatives around to put the leftist Twitter trolls in their respective places.

According to Western Journalism, while Twitter argued, the designer commissioned to create Melania’s outfit for the occasion revealed that the incoming First Lady wanted a “commanding, military-esque coat for today’s wreath-laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery.”

“I was honored to dress the First Lady of the United States for her visit to Arlington Cemetery,” said Norisol Ferrari. “Throughout American history, our military personnel have faced difficult circumstances with courage and bravery. The men and women interred at Arlington gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country, as did their families who lost loved ones. We owe them our reverence and support.”

The designer added, “Mrs. Trump’s visit to Arlington was particularly poignant for me, as my biological father is a wounded veteran. His experience and the lifelong disabilities he sustained affected my family deeply. I have immense gratitude for all our armed forces and hope we can move forward with the intention of peace and healing for our country and the world.”

It should be noted that had it been Michelle Obama wearing large sunglasses to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, nobody would have batted an eye — they’d probably be too busy recovering from the initial shock of seeing her honor our nation’s fallen heroes.

Michelle never did a thing for veterans, yet look what the Trump Family has done before even moving into the White House. And the left has the audacity to pick apart Melania’s style. Give me a break!

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