Memorial Day Cross Honoring Veterans Taken Down, Community Fights Back

In a little rural town in Georgia, called Hiram, they had a Memorial Day tradition. Along their Highway 92, the townspeople planted 79 wooden white crosses to honor the 79 county residents who had given their lives on the battlefield. Yesterday, the crosses were gone, and when the residents learned why it sparked a battle in city hall, with a showdown that should make you smile.

79 white crosses in Hiram, Georgia (left) Tommy Dingler, with pic of fallen son Joshua (right)

A few hours after the crosses were put in place, the city hall in Hiram, Georgia, got an anonymous caller who complained, asking, “Are all those veterans that died Christians?” Isn’t it just like a leftist coward to stay hidden in anonymity? Either it’s an atheist or a special snowflake social justice warrior idiot that placed that call, but I digress.

Hiram’s city council got nervous, since they were not sure if this was going to lead to a big lawsuit. They decided to take down the crosses, and that was a bad idea. Right away, social media lit up Hiram’s city council. Residents all across the county got wind that the crosses were gone, and they wanted to know what happened.

The city council, feeling the squeeze, put it on the agenda for their meeting Tuesday night. People came from all over Paulding County. Hiram Mayor Teresa Philyaw said, “We wanted to make sure that they weren’t forgotten. We also wanted their families to know that our hearts still bleed for them, the cross is a ‘rest in peace’ symbol to me, it was never about religion — it was just to honor them.”

One resident, Tommy Dingler brought the picture of his fallen nineteen-year-old son, Joshua, and he held it up to his chest as he spoke of putting the crosses back where they belong. Dingler said, “A cross has been used for fallen soldiers from the time of the Red Coats, Patriots, Yankees, Rebels — they all used it.”

Others said this is a Christian nation and the cross is not to offend anyone. If that one person who called didn’t like it, then don’t drive by that area. Convinced the public outcry was so great, the city council put the crosses back up in time for Memorial Day. Thank God the good guys won this time. Honoring our fallen heroes is never wrong, it’s what Americans do.

[h/t Fox News].

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