WATCH: Merkel Shows Up Seeking 4th Term, Fed-Up Germans Have Brilliant Counter-Offer

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is currently in the midst of her re-election campaign, but she’s gotten a rough start in the eastern part of the country where she grew up. When she showed up this week seeking a fourth term, fed-up Germans had a brilliant counter-offer for the far-left leader who has allowed millions of un-vetted migrants to infiltrate her country.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel at an election rally in Heidelberg. (Photo Credit: The Gateway Pundit/RT/Josh Caplan/Twitter)

According to The Gateway PunditMerkel was pelted with tomatoes at an election rally in Heidelberg on Tuesday over her open door refugee policy.

At a rally in Heidelberg on Tuesday, the Chancellor was grazed by a thrown tomato, though in a usual show of stoicism, did not let it make her lose her cool.

Though her red jacket helped cover up the impact, a juicy stain was still apparent as Merkel stood on stage to join in the national anthem. A moderator at the event, Claudia von Brauchitsch, also appeared to have been hit, as Merkel offered her a tissue. Merkel remained calm throughout her subsequent speech despite booing and calls of “traitor!” from some in the audience. [Source: RT]

Merkel is projected to win a fourth term as the leader of Germany in the upcoming election on September 24, even though her popularity has taken a hit over the last few years as a result of her handling of the refugee crisis. The chancellor has virtually welcomed un-vetted Muslim migrants into her country with open arms, and consequently, women are children are being raped at unprecedented rates, while Germany’s infrastructure is crumbling.

Police said two tomatoes were thrown during different parts of the Chancellor’s speech with one striking her left hip.

One of her aides was also hit by the flying fruit as the words ‘liar’ and ‘hypocrite’ rang in her ears.
The noisy demonstration was fresh evidence that not all votes are guaranteed at the general election on September 24 when she seeks a fourth term in power.

Some 3,000 people were at the rally and those who demonstrated against her were angry at her refugee policies which have seen over a million unvetted immigrants enter the country in the last two years. [Source: Daily Mail]

Despite the tremendous backlash – including flying tomatoes – resulting from her policy of taking in throngs of “refugees,” most of them grown men rather than the helpless women and children the media has tried to say they are, Merkel has refused to back down.

“If we made a mistake, then it wasn’t in taking in people,” she said in defense of her decision to open Germany’s doors to migrants in 2015. “But rather that we didn’t pay attention to the fact that people in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, and Syria didn’t have enough to eat, weren’t getting an education, and put themselves into the hands of people smugglers.”

What Merkel does not seem to understand is that Germany will never be able to help those suffering in countries like Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, and Syria, if she allows her own country to crumble in the process. Indeed, this is one of the biggest misconceptions surrounding the entire immigration argument.

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