Meryl Loses Her Mind, Screams At Melania After Her Role In Weinstein Sex Scandal Comes Out

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Meryl Streep needs a mental health check after she attacked First Lady Melania Trump for no sane reason. Streep seems to be losing her mind as the shady details of her past are starting to come out, especially when it comes to her relationship to sexual predator Harvey Weinstein. After she started to scream at Melania Trump, shocked leftist reporters are now scrambling to keep Streep’s sick past with sexual predators a secret.

Meryl Streep (left), Melania Trump (right) (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screengrab, YouTube/Screengrab)

In a new interview with the New York Times, Meryl Streep addressed sexual harassment in Hollywood, as well as those who have called her out for allegedly staying silent about sexual abuse as it was happening. Streep said that, instead of being angry about her #MeToo silence, “people should instead focus on the silence of Melania and Ivanka Trump, as what they have to say would carry so much ‘value.'”

What a crock of crap Streep is trying to peddle. She loathes the entire First Family and makes no bones about how she thinks President Donald Trump will be the downfall of America. She has no respect for Melania or Ivanka Trump, and of course, in her rage and insanity, she is forgetting one thing.

“The controversy surrounding Streep’s supposed silence began soon after news of Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assaults and harassment broke. Streep initially released a statement saying she was ‘appalled’ by the former Hollywood titan’s behavior and claimed that she didn’t know about Weinstein’s actions,” reported The Cut. 

Since then, Streep has been called out for allegedly staying silent about Weinstein over the years by a number of people, including actress and vocal Weinstein accuser Rose McGowan. A conservative street artist, known as Sabo, also started hanging posters, claiming Streep knew about Weinstein’s alleged abuse, all across Los Angeles in December. But, there’s more.

Meryl Streep has supported and defended a child rapist for over 40 years, and it’s not Harvey Weinstein. We’re talking about director Roman Polanski, who pleaded guilty to drugging and raping a 13-year-old girl in 1977. “As far as what I did: it’s over,” the perverse Polanski said. Polanski’s sick sexual predilections were well known to the Hollywood crowd, and they all looked the other way while he raped and drugged at least two other girls. Worse, even with his crimes being public knowledge, deranged celebrities continued their support.

Streep led her Hollywood cohorts to a standing ovation for Polanski. The New York Post reports, “You’d think Roman Polanski split the atom. Only in Hollywood could the brutal rape of a child be fantasized away. Cate Blanchett named one of her sons after him. Hollywood awarded him the Best Director Oscar in 2003, replete with standing ovations from many, including Martin Scorsese and Meryl Streep.”

If you watch the video of the standing ovation, it was indeed Streep who got up first and egged the audience on to give a child rapist a two-minute long standing ovation. Yet, now, she is screaming about Melania Trump when it comes to sexual predators running around Hollywood? Well, that’s a nice try by Meryl, but her logic is so flawed that not even her stellar acting skills could cover up her disgusting past.

Melania Trump isn’t part of your elite Hollywood crowd. She didn’t work with Harvey Weinstein or Roman Polanski. Streep is a fake feminist, and she’s targeting women because she doesn’t like their politics. That’s how feminism works with the bozos on the left. It’s all about “women’s rights” and “equality” and “sexual assault” — until it infringes on their reputation or their liberal agenda. Then, like magic, Streep tries to use Melania and Ivanka as the real “bad women” when it comes to Harvey Weinstein. Give me a break.

Meryl Streep can take what’s left of her career and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. “I’ve been so angry with some of the people in Hollywood who have spoken out in support of Polanski,” actress Charlotte Lewis, who Polanski raped at 16 years old, said of Streep, adding, “Hollywood is giving the wrong message to pedophiles.” And, she’s right.

Meryl Streep knew Harvey Weinstein and Roman Polanski liked young girls, and she knew they liked to sexually abuse them. She just didn’t care enough to do anything about it, so she looked the other way. However, blaming Melania or Ivanka Trump has got to be the stupidest thing the Oscar winner has ever done — besides saying Harvey Weinstein was “God,” as she bowed down to him on stage. It’s time Streep take her “moral outrage” and directs it where it belongs, and she can start with herself.

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