Meryl Streep Has New Reason To Fear Trump, Warns Everyone Should Be Afraid

Some people are scared of heights while others are terrified by clowns. Meryl Streep doesn’t suffer from acrophobia or coulrophobia but does have a severe case of Trump Derangement syndrome, which is an irrational fear of the results of a free and fair election. The actress is terrified that the man American chose to lead the country is going to do something really bad and thinks the rest of us should share in her paranoid sense of doom.

Meryl Streep (left), Donald Trump (right) (Photo credit: screenshot PBS News Hour)

Variety reports that, over the weekend, at the Montclair Film Festival late-night host Stephen Colbert held an intimate evening with himself, which is as lame as it sounds. Since watching Colbert by himself is insufferable, he brought on a few guests, including Meryl Streep, to break up the monotony. As is the case with any Hollywood event these days, it was all about President Donald Trump.

“I’m scared by (Trump). By his possibility. I empathize with him. I can’t imagine what his 3 a.m. is like. There is a gathering storm. Everybody feels it. He feels it. His children are in jeopardy, and I feel that. I think, what if my children were jeopardy? I would do anything. Anything! To get them out of trouble. So we should be afraid,” said Streep.

There’s a lot of TDS to unravel with this unhinged warning, but the first and most obvious thing is that all of Streep fears are based on a false narrative. Streep, like all good lefty resisters, thinks that special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation is closing in on Donald Trump.

Mueller is supposed to be investigating Russian interference with the 2016 election and any connections that Donald Trump colluded with this effort. So far, all Mueller has done is indicted former Trump associates on bogus charges unrelated to Russian collusion, so it’s safe to assume he doesn’t have anything of substance on the President.

Since the focus of Mueller’s investigation is no longer related to anything he could conceivably indict Trump on, the President is not in jeopardy and neither are his children. Well, Bette Midler did kind of indicate she’s dreaming of Trump’s kids being hung, but they aren’t in any kind of jeopardy from Robert Mueller’s investigation. All of these fears are in Meryl Streep’s head.

Streep says that “everyone” can feel this “gathering storm” that is threatening the Trump family, but what she really means is that she and the other Hollywood elites are caught up in a delusion of glee that the President is about to be toppled from power. This is what happens when the lines blur between the fantasy world and reality.

This is actually a classic case of projection. Streep says she would do “anything” to save her children if they were in jeopardy, so she’s imposing that on the myth that Trump is a cornered animal ready to destroy the world to save his kids.

Streep also throws in some fake sympathy for Trump by saying she can relate to his fictional situation. Streep would like nothing more than for bad things to happen to Trump and his family, so this is a lie. She is also hoping that Trump does something illegal or unethical that would get him impeached by the soon-to-be Democrat-controlled House, so it’s a double lie.

Meryl Streep says “we” should all be worried about what Trump may do because rich Hollywood liberals love telling everyone else how to think and act. Maybe she should be more worried about her unhealthy obsession with Donald J. Trump. Considering that liberal hysteria is likely to drive Trump’s reelection, 6 years is a long to spend fretting over nonexistent catastrophes.

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