Secret Message Hidden In Melania’s Debate Outfit & It ‘Wasn’t An Accident’

There is a lot of talk circling the nation after last night’s presidential debate, and most of the attention seems to be on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. However, it seems that a few keen eyes picked up on a secret message hidden in the outfit that Melania Trump wore to the debate – and it “wasn’t an accident.”

Donald Trump put the hammer down during the debate last night. However, it seems that his wife is learning the ropes of politics as quite a few people are talking about her despite all that took place last night.

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As it turns out, the clever woman picked an outfit that has a special message – and many people are saying there’s no way that it was an accident. According to reports, Melania Trump wore Gucci’s “pussy-bow silk crepe de chine shirt” to watch her husband square off against Hillary in St. Louis.

Now, we all know, on account of the leftist media running it non-stop for 72 hours, that a decade old video surfaced in which Donald says that he grabs women by the “p*ssy.” Although he’s admitted it and apologized, the left isn’t letting it go. Heck, even Melania made a few remarks on the matter before saying she forgave her husband – but even that isn’t good enough for the left.

However, the Trumps aren’t exactly a family known to take things lying down. In fact, Melania proved just that with her subtle message hidden in her outfit choice that seems to show exactly how seriously she’s taking the liberal attack on her husband. Even better yet, a few people picked up on the dig and commended her for it:

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Although the left was hoping that this old video would bring Donald Trump down, that just isn’t the case. After all, actions speak louder than words. Although Trump may have said some things that rubbed people the wrong way, Hillary’s past is rife with evil. From criminal acts to getting people killed, it’s a wonder she’s even in the race.

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However, it seems as though Melania is showing people just what kind of First Lady they can expect her to be, and people are loving it. After all, if water rolls off her back like this all the time, well, I think I’d rather see her as the next FLOTUS over Bill Clinton. I mean, look what happened last time he was in the Oval Office. I don’t think he needs to be allowed back in for a second go-around.