WATCH: Mexican Cartel Thug Turns Crybaby After BRUTAL Dose Of Own Medicine

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WATCH: Mexican Cartel Gunman Shoots At Cops, Karma Makes Him A Crybaby
Pictured: Mexican Cartel gunman (left & right), seized weapons (center) (Images via screen capture)

The southern border is far more dangerous than the Obama administration would ever admit. Now that President Donald Trump has changed the political focus in America, we are starting to see the truth. Sometimes, the truth makes the bad guys cry like little babies, which one Mexican cartel thug found out the hard way after the punk decided to take a few shots at police.

According to reports, another gun battle took place just south of Roma, Texas in a border town called Miguel Aleman, Tamaulipas, Mexico. The fight was one in a recent series that had led to the death of four cartel shooters, along with the arrest of two others and the confiscation of more than one ton of marijuana. Fortunately, that illegal marijuana will not make its way into the US economy.

Breitbart  describes how a convoy of Tamaulipas police officers was ambushed by shooters who drove a white SUV. Police fought off the shooters and ended up chasing them. During the action, a police truck rolled over, but in the end, police stopped the SUV and wounded one of the gunmen. Leaked video shows that once arrogant gunman crying. The graphic video also shows the arsenal of weapons that was being carried by the SUV.

Shortly after this video was captured, a second battle occurred, where three others were killed and 136 bundles of marijuana were seized. Keep in mind, these horrific gunfights between police and drug smugglers are occurring not far from American cities. At the moment, cartel smugglers have a system in place to bring their drugs into the United States. Although Customs, Border Patrol, and police are working to stop them, the task is immense.

During the Obama administration, violent stories like the one above were underreported as the realities of the situation near the southern border did not fit the liberal narrative. President Donald Trump has been labeled a racist over his insistence on the construction of a border wall, but Trump’s logic is sound.

A border wall is crucial to the safety and security of Americans who live near the border and for all of us who do not want cartel drugs to make their way to streets near us. The narrative has shifted towards reality now, and people need to understand the violence that is occurring so near to us.