Mexican Teen Tries To Convince Border Patrol He Doesn’t Have Drugs, Gets Brutal Surprise

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Cruz Velazquez (left) and with U.S. Border Patrol Agents (center and right) (Photo: YouTube)

Shocking video footage has just been released of a 16-year-old Mexican teen who got a brutal surprise when he tried to convince U.S. Border Patrol agents that he didn’t have drugs and was instead only carrying apple juice in his bag. Now, the video has gone viral after the teen’s attempt to smuggle drugs into the U.S. went horribly wrong.

According to New York Daily News, the footage that has emerged features 16-year-old Mexican high school student Cruz Velazquez as he stood in front of Border Patrol Agents Adrian Perallon and Valerie Baird and tried to convince them he was carrying only apple juice in a couple of plastic bottles that he wanted to take into the U.S.

According to Perallon, the Mexican teen offered to prove it was apple juice that he was carrying. “I never asked him to. He volunteered to, and I believe I gestured to him to go ahead,” said Perallon. This is when things went from bad to worse for the teen drug mule.

In the footage that was captured by security cameras at the San Ysidro Border crossing in 2013, Velazquez is seen sipping from one bottle which happened to contain liquid meth instead of apple juice. The 16-year-old Mexican high school student was reportedly taken into custody after drinking the liquid meth and started to experience a fever.

In the following moments, he screamed, “My heart! My heart,” as he panicked after making what would turn out to be a fatal mistake, according to Daily Mail, at which point Velazquez reportedly told the Border Patrol agents that the liquid was actually a “chemical.”

Unfortunately for him, it was too late. He suffered a massive overdose in the following minutes and was taken to nearby Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center, where he died a short time later. Although the incident took place in 2013, it is just now being released to the public after a lengthy court battle between Velazquez’s family and the United States, in which they received a 1 million dollar settlement for the teen’s death.

In 2013, when Barack Obama was still in office, our Border Patrol agents were criminalized for trying to uphold our nation’s laws, and this case is no different. The family received a chunk of money from U.S. taxpayers after their idiot son drank pure liquid meth in front of our Border Patrol agents in an attempt to fool them. Thank God, we don’t live under that kind of administration any longer.

Fortunately, Agents Baird and Perallon were allowed to keep their jobs after Velazquez’s family settled the civil lawsuit against them and the Border Patrol. The mainstream media has worked hard to portray Velazquez as an innocent victim of the “evil Border Patrol agents” since it’s the perfect opportunity for the left to demonize President Donald Trump’s strong immigration policies and his administration’s support for our hard-working Border Patrol agents.

At the end of the day, everyone is responsible for their own actions. Velazquez made the choice to try to smuggle drugs across the border. He also made the choice not to just come clean and tell the agents he was carrying drugs, deciding to drink the drugs instead. These choices are what led to his death, not some perceived wrongdoing on the part of the officers.

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