WATCH: Mexican Thug Opens Fire On 2 Las Vegas Cops, Gets Met With Instant Justice

Miguel Salas (left), a cop-hating Mexican thug, fired shots at two cops (right)

Two Las Vegas police officers recently responded to a routine call when they were greeted by a Mexican thug and his .40 caliber pistol. What the thug didn’t see coming was the instant justice that the two cops had coming his way, and it was all caught on video.

Bodycam footage, captured by two Las Vegas cops, shows the moment a driver opened fire on two police officers, but he made a fatal mistake. Miguel Salas, 25, was pulled over for driving a suspicious vehicle that was linked to a stolen cell phone. Officers found the suspicious vehicle parked in front of a business before confronting the suspect.

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Officer Richard Nelson, 33, and an unnamed officer got into a heated argument with Salas after approaching his vehicle. The argument lasted a couple of minutes before Salas was asked to step out of his vehicle. He refused, and in a split second, he opened fire on the officers.

The footage begins with Salas pleading his innocence and stubbornly refusing to step out of his vehicle.

“Step out of the car,” an officer is heard saying.

“Why do you need me to step out of my car?” Salas said. “I’m not doing nothing!”

“Yes, you are. You’re not listening to our command. Do you want to get tased?” the officer said. [Source: FOX5]

Salas reaches for something inside his car, and Officer Nelson holds Salas’ left wrist outside the driver side window while the other officer walks up to the window for back up.

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When Nelson calls in backup, Salas seems to sigh and pulls a handgun out with his right hand. Both cops back up suddenly in opposite directions as the shots ring out.

Salas initially fires towards the other officer but then turns and shoots at Nelson, who returns fire. [Source: Daily Mail]

In a split second, Salas fired and both cops ran for cover while firing back. “Shots fired! I’ve been hit! Shots fired, I’ve been hit!” Officer Richard Nelson is heard yelling into his radio while reloading his gun. Salas originally fired at the other officer, but then turned and shot at Officer Nelson, who returns fire.

Another LVPD officer arrives and jumps right in to pull the fallen officer out of danger. Luckily, Officer Nelson, who was shot in the left chest area, was wearing a bulletproof vest, which ended up saving his life. His partner was also shot, but his uniform belt blocked him from suffering any wounds.

Shoot out between two Las Vegas cops and a Mexican thug

Salas was shot in the head by the officers and died instantly, getting the instant justice he so rightfully deserved after trying to take the lives of two hardworking men, who were just trying to do their jobs.

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These two cops did everything they could to defuse the situation peacefully, giving Salas multiple verbal warnings and stating that, if he did not follow orders, he would be reprimanded. They handled and executed the situation excellently and sacrificed their own well-being while still managing to make the community safer by taking one less cop-hating, thug off the streets.