Michael Moore Has 1 Birthday Wish For Karl Marx, Humiliates Himself In The Process

Self-proclaimed commie and Trump-hater Michael Moore took to Twitter to celebrate the birthday of Karl Marx. It didn’t take long for people to expose his stupidity and the irony. Now, the left-wing filmmaker is reconsidering his social media chops.

The man who profited from capitalism worships the man who sought to destroy it. (Photo Credit: David Shankbone/Flickr/Public Domain)

Has there been anyone more destructive than Karl Marx? The man who never worked a day in his life created a political and economic system that has ruined multiple nations. Well over 100 million people have been killed under socialism — Marx’s one contribution to society. Even today, in the good ol’ U.S. of A., we have to fight liberals who march under Marx’s banner.

One of those liberals is Michael Moore. The once-notable filmmaker is a staunch liberal and socialist. Like so many other Democrats, he adamantly hates capitalism — the economic system of our country. He claims that socialism (the system that leads to communism) is better for the common man. Sure, just tell that to the millions of people killed under Joseph Stalin or Mao Zedong. Or the people suffering right now in Venezuela, who have to rummage through garbage for food.

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Moore — like so many other celebrities in Hollywood — slams capitalism while benefiting from it at the same. The filmmaker wouldn’t have become as big (pun intended) under socialism. After all, there wouldn’t be a thriving film industry without the prospect of making money.

But still, the avid Trump critic — the man who inspired 200 people to destroy an immigrants’ car on Inauguration Day — took to Twitter to wish the dead Marx a happy birthday. The people were not kind.

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Now, you may be wondering how a man like Michael Moore — who benefited so much from America’s free market — would support an economic system like socialism. Keep in mind, under socialism (a.k.a.: communism), private businesses don’t exist. That means a person cannot start a company making movies. On top of that, the state runs the media and filmmaking. Meaning, there’s no freedom of speech.

Under socialism, Moore wouldn’t have become rich and famous for his documentaries. Surely, he, of all people, could see that. Nope! Like almost every other liberal in La La Land, Moore is oblivious to this inconvenient fact. They want to profit from America’s free enterprise, becoming super rich and famous, only to turn around and deny the rest of us that same opportunity.

What do you call that? Oh, yeah: hypocrisy.

But we shouldn’t be surprised. Moore and his buddies in Hollywood are the biggest hypocrites in our society. We had to live through their bogus #MeToo movement, a pathetic attempt at supporting victims of sexual abuse in Hollywood. Yet they were silent about people like Harvey Weinstein for over thirty years. Apparently, a hashtag is supposed to erase all that.

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Hillary Clinton admitted that many Democrats are socialists. They despise an America that can allow anyone who works hard to achieve wealth and prosperity. They’d rather us be like the Soviet Union, China, or North Korea — countries that oppressed their peoples. In some cases, they couldn’t even afford bread.

Yeah, I’m thinking that a man who mooched off his friends, never held a job, and looks like a crazy person should never be the one deciding our politics. Karl Marx belongs on the trash heap of history, like every other villain. Perhaps Moore belongs there with him.