Bloated Whale Michael Moore Give ‘Resistance’ Ominous Marching Orders

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Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore waddled back into the limelight in order to bash President Donald Trump. While speaking on The Late Show, he ordered the “resistance” to commit to attacking the president. But the words he used might have been poorly chosen. Very poorly chosen.

In an interview, Michael Moore made some ominous comments to the “resistance.” (Photo Credit: mathiaswasik/Flickr, AMY OSBORNE/AFP/Getty Images)

Michael Moore just might be the most miserable person in America. Sure, there are a lot of liberals that are very upset right now. Not only is Donald Trump president, but he’s doing a very good job. Despite the left-wing media working overtime to hurt him, Trump continues to make good on his promises. And it looks like the mid-terms are going to go very badly for Democrats.

But few people can be as upset as Moore. After all, a clip from one of his docs all but endorsed the very man he opposed. This one video helped perfectly articulate why Americans were rallying around Trump. Few liberals can say their rhetoric actually helped Trump become president.

It seems like the far-left communist is working very hard to atone for his sins. The self-styled leader of the “resistance” actually tried to get people to protest the Inauguration. That stunt (where Moore was nowhere to be found) led to hundreds of people getting arrested and damage to private property. The Inauguration? That went off without a hitch.

Since then, Moore appears from time to time to complain about Trump. It’s hard to decide whether Moore is really enthusiastic about his resistance, or he’s just phoning it in. Yet he appeared on Stephen Colbert’s unfunny Late Show to spur the shrinking masses of dissenters. But his words were hardly inspiring. In fact, some of them may have been downright criminal.

On Thursday, appearing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, documentary filmmaker Michael Moore, never one to avoid the buffet line, tried to galvanize resistance to the Trump Administration with a well-chosen series of words, exhorting his fellow leftists to “get off the couch” and “rise up,” If that weren’t enough, Moore urged his cohorts to “Put our bodies on the line.”

Moore referenced his movie, “Bowling For Columbine,” then added, “The despair that I have in going forward and making this movies is when are people going to get off the couch and when are we going to rise up? And I’m telling you folks, to answer your question, the end game sadly is going to be Trump is not going to leave, he plans to be re-elected, he loves the term ‘president for life.’ … The only way that we’re going to stop this is eventually we’re all going to have to put our bodies on the line.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Uh, what? President for life? Does Moore even remotely understand our system of government? It’s really shocking to see a man who once seemed to understand the movement that got Trump elected completely misunderstand him today. When has Trump ever implied he wants to be “president for life”? Anyone that actually pays attention to Trump understands he simply wants to serve the country—for a limited time. Hopefully, he can make as much of an impact during his time in office that America will be forever bettered.

Yet deranged liberals like Moore don’t understand Trump at all. They see him through a distorted lens, one that is heavily clouded by their own bias. Moore sees Trump as himself: an egomaniac that will never let go of the spotlight. He can’t even begin to understand that Trump is leading to help the rest of us.

But how Moore ended his statement is what’s really troubling. What does “put our bodies on the line,” even mean? Does Moore want more pointless and tiresome protests? Flooding the streets because you’re so upset over Trump has done nothing to change his agenda. In fact, the more often liberals protest and riot, the less effective it becomes. In fact, you run the risk of really annoying the rest of the country—you know, the people you’re trying to win over.

Maybe Moore is referring to something else. “Bodes on the line” can mean many things. Is he advocating that liberals should risk their own lives to oppose Trump? How does that work? Unless, of course, Moore is advocating violence.

In recent days we’ve seen liberals all but encourage supporters to get violent. While the media accuse Trump of inciting violence against the press, we see people like Maxine Waters all but tell liberals to attack Trump supporters. Now, we have Moore making cryptic remarks about bodies. It makes you wonder.

It’s clear the left has lost all credibility. They cannot win over American voters, so they are getting more and more desperate. Perhaps this will all come to a head when liberals openly call for war. Let’s hope Moore and his cronies come to their senses before that.