Micheal Moore FREAKS OUT, Changes His Mind About 1 Thing You’ll Love

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Micheal Moore spent the last year trying to help Hillary Clinton get elected, but lately, he’s been changing his mind about what he believes. Moore, who made his mark making liberal documentaries, has been very vocal about the 2016 election. It seems that Michael Moore is still freaking out about Donald Trump, but you’ll love how he is caught changing his mind about one thing.

Michael Moore (left) is losing his mind over Donald Trump’s (right) upcoming inauguration.

When liberals thought Hillary Clinton had the election in the bag, they were so upset that Donald Trump said he would wait to see how the election went before committing to accepting the election results. See, Trump knew that this election was so volatile and like nothing we had ever seen that he would reserve the right to make an objection.

Michael Moore was so smug, thinking Hillary Clinton had it in the bag, that he tweeted on October 19th, “Trump stunningly says he won’t commit to accepting the results of the election. His subtle call for possible violence—America silence him!”

Well, what a difference an election makes in how Moore thinks. He is now freaking out about Trump’s upcoming inauguration and calling for violence. Moore told MSNBC’s The Last Word that he wants “100 days of resistance.” Moore may be a fool, but he’s not stupid; he realizes calling for a resistance in this climate means riots and violence.

“We are gonna be busy, busy, busy,” Moore said, adding a call for support to “a hundred days of resistance.” The filmmaker said he was encouraged to hear the hair and makeup employees at MSNBC talking about going to the Women’s March backstage before he appeared on the program.

Michael Moore calls out Donald Trump for not automatically accepting election results as a call to violence on Oct. 19th (left), then changes his mind and calls for 100 days of resistance (right) after Hillary Clinton loses.

Conservatives are laughing their asses off at Moore after one Trump supporter took his October 19th tweet, where he calls out Trump for not accepting the election results pictured side by side with his new mantra, calling for 100 days of resistance, proving liberals change their minds depending on what fits them best since they have no real values.

Twitchy picked up on the Moore controversy, calling him out on his ridiculous flip-flop, saying liberals are “consistently inconsistent”:

“Before the election, when Michael was clearly so confident that Hillary would win he was almost cocky in his shaming of those not accepting the results of the election, compared to the reality of losing the election. If only that would fit on a bumper sticker, like ‘Consistently inconsistent‘ though it’s just a tad too long to be a slogan.”

Moore is so deluded if he thinks people are going to spend the next 100 days rioting with him. What he seems to forget is that this is no longer Barack Obama’s presidency, and for all those liberal losers who used to have lots of time on their hands while collecting welfare, well, that is all going to change.

In Moore’s view of the world, people have nothing better to do than run around and riot. It’s going to be a brutal wake-up call for Moore and those leftists who loved the nanny state. Time for all of those whiners to grow up and join the real world.

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